Technical Theory of Blockchain and Mesh Network

Ecological Structure of IntelliShare 

IntelliShare has its own complete ecological environment, it corresponds to the Intelligent Mesh network, data layer, value layer and contract layer.

Underlying environment of IntelliShare 

Each Mesh firmware node could combine with the light node of the blockchain.

The underlying environment of IntelliShare is composed of intelligent Mesh network, which adopts the self-developed Mesh protocol. It is the underlying environment for IntelliShare which is self-connected, self-repaired, self-expandable, self-routed, self-balancing, and etc.

At this stage, our mobile devices can use the APP to call the wireless universal module to form Mesh network.

Our Mesh network can also be implemented directly at the link layer. In other words, without APP, mobile phones can be directly connected to Mesh network through wireless blocks. This means that the future Mesh network is transparent to the users, which greatly enhances the user's experience. The firmware had Mesh network abilities can directly set blockchain light nodes in it , continuously creates and gets values.

Data Layer

At the data layer, it is the chain structure of the underlying data blocks of IntelliShare, forming the IntelliShare Public Chain. The complete data of intelligent chain is stored distributedly in a large number of nodes on the network, ensuring the use of asymmetric publickey and privatekeys, time stamps, and other technologies, guaranteeing the data completeness and immunity.

Value layer

IntelliShare uses an improved PoS Consensus Mechanism , called PoSS (Proof of Stack & Service).

In IntelliShare Mesh network, the node coinage difficulty is set based on a comprehensive assessment of the total Tokens holden and the services of Mesh networks provided. Putting in the node wallet, you can "mine" to gain benefits. If the node can serve other C-side clients in Mesh, such as providing Internet access, helping content distribution, and etc., there is also a chance to obtain "accounting rights." This mechanism locks the value of each individual who joins the IntelliShare Mesh network. As long as you are willing to share, you will be rewarded.

Contract Layer

At the contract layer, IntelliShare encapsulates various application scenarios and cases in Intelligence Mesh through various scripts, algorithms, and smart contracts, so that users can easily build various applications on them, such as content distribution systems, accurate data validation, point-to-point matching transactions, small amount payments and etc.


The IntelliShare network platform will provide support for clients on the entire platform, including the following clients: Web browsers, Android clients, IOS clients, PC clients.

The distributedledger system of IntelliShare

The distributed ledger records are the vital fundamental infrastructures, playing an overwhelming part in data storage and interaction in the Mesh Internet. Features of this technology like decentralization, irreversibility and common accounting are key to realizing the value system of Mesh Internet in closed environments for IntelliShare.

In IntelliShare Ecology, by utilizing the distributed accounting technology , it may help to register the Mesh Internet nodes offering traffic, conduct the data-matching identification, and make the node port perform a unique value authentication through time, loss and nodes in fixed proportion and double-check according to the comparison of data-maintenance among nodes to ensure their accuracy.

On the other hand, we do not merely aim to offer the data-maintenance of Mesh nodes, but also to support behavior-maintenance. That is to say, each time when the data corresponds to a unique matching timestamp, the acquirement and usage of data will be recorded on the accounting books, and a record of data complete process comes into being, which contributes to keeping the characters of uniqueness and irreversibility for the data among nodes, and also laying a safe foundation for the formation of more gap points.

Meanwhile, we are wielding the distributed accounting technology. On the premise of this, we could conduct data exchange framework supported by multiclass equipments on the basis of IntelliShare Ecological equipments, stimulating the traffic supply and support among nodes , consolidating and stabilizing the base station of Mesh Internet.


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