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【Announcement】Changes of the Rules for Behavior Mining


Dear users,

Thanks for your participating and supporting of IntelliShare behavior mining. We appreciate your contribution to the IntelliShare community. Due to the increasing of cheating, duplicate forwarding and many invalid behaviors of some participants, in order to maintain the value of INE and cherish participants’ effort, we feel sorry to decide to change the rule of behavior mining.

The Behavior mining rules of August will be expired on August 16 at 15:00 (GMT+8). Starting from August 17 at 10:00 (GMT+8), only Black Card members can participate in behavior mining.

How to become a Black Card member?

1. Buy more than or equal to 10,000 INE in INE listed exchanges, and you can enjoy the benefits of Black Card members after one month.

2. Complete the official website KYC certification.

Please ask Telegram admin @inezs for the Black Card group invitation link if you have finished all the steps.

Black Card members can not only participate in behavior mining, but also can enjoy other benefits so as to earn more Token.

If you participate in the behavior mining everyday, and finish behavior level1~3, you can get 2256 INE a month in total!! If you finish Level 4~5, more rewards are waiting for you.

  • Behavior Level 1 (10INE*2 times a day* 30 days=600INE)

  • Behavior Level 2 (18INE*2 times a day* 30 days=1080INE)

  • Behavior Level 3 (144INE*4 times a month=576INE)

  • Higher ability, higher rewards!!!

If a Black Card member recommends a 10,000 INE holder (bought in exchanges) to join the black card community, he/she will get 1000 INE rewards (300 INE will be distributed first, 300INE/400INE will be distributed every 3 months). More invitees, more rewards!!

Once a new Black Card member joining, all Black Card members will be airdroped 10 INE.

There are some specific benefits of Black Card members. For example,

1. In “Who Knows IntelliShare Best?” quiz event, the rewards for Black Card members are dobule. The first prize of the event was a Black Card member, so he won double (2*500 INE) for reward.

2. In previous events, Black Card members enjoy priority and privilege. Black Card members can get the latest news of the events and participate in the events discussion. Besides, Black Card members’ information will be processed at first.

3. Every Black Card members can receive greeting email or video during the festivals and birthday.

The benefits and extra gifts will be increasing with the development of IntelliShare, so don’t hesitate to join the Black Card Community!!

  • To get more information of Black Card community and member, please read the details in article.


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