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【Announcement】IntelliShare Black Card English Community Rules Upgrade on August 15


IntelliShare Black Card members (Telegram) are ally with high consensus and similar values and enjoy the highest honor in the IntelliShare community.

The privileges of the IntelliShare Black Card English Community members are as follows:

1. A customized IntelliShare electronic black card identification, 101 to 1 million number can be selected.

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2. Participate in the IntelliShare English Black Card community autonomy and enjoy the voting rights of major decisions in the English IntelliShare community.

3. A higher share of direct free airdrops with IntelliShare’s other eco-digital assets.

4. Only Black Card members can participate in behavior mining.

5. If a black card member recommends a 10,000 INE holder(bought in exchanges) to join the black card community, he/she will get 1000 INE rewards. (300 INE will be distributed first, 300INE/400INE will be distributed every 3 months)The premise is that you are a black card member.

6. Once a new Black Card member joining, all black card members will be airdroped 10 INE.

7. Priority access to official information.

8. Every Black Card members can receive greeting email or video during the festivals and birthday.

9. Each of the above black card systems and rights can be modified or added. Any black card member can provide suggestions. After the IntelliShare operation team has reviewed the reasonableness, it will vote in the black card group. If the proposal has more than half of the votes, it will be executed.

Note:Members can only join this group through the administrators invitation

More importantly, once you are familiar with the operating rules of the IntelliShare Black Card community, you can become the IntelliShare leader in your country or city to form a local or national IntelliShare black card community. And we will prepare you millions of INE for you to form a team, and to distribute rewards. Don’t miss the chance to become a billionare.

Obligations of black card members:

1. At least 10,000 INE is held, and the official team will review the wallet every 4th — 6th in a month. Black card members with insufficient INE totals will be cleared after the official inquiry.

2. Taking project development and community development as their own responsibility and contributing to project publicity. Maintain IntelliShare consensus and image, and do not fabricate words that undermine the development of IntelliShare.

3. Actively participate in various official events.

4. Participate in voting on major issues, actively participate in discussions, and make suggestions for the development of IntelliShare.

How to become a black card member?

1. Buy more than or equal to 10,000 INE in INE listed exchanges, and enjoy the benefits of black card members after one month.

2. Complete the official website KYC certification.

  • Please ask Telegram admin @inezs for the black card group invitation link if you have finished all the steps.

Why did IntelliShare build a black card community?

Autonomy and decentralization are the core secrets for the sustainable development of blockchain projects. As a representative of the distributed network of the third track in the blockchain, IntelliShare will learn from Bitcoin and Ethereum. INE’s cornerstone investors also invested in Ethereum at the earliest time in Ethereum, so IntelliShare is evolving along the development path of the project like Ethereum.

This is the perfect performance of DAO. Today, everyone is fortunate to be the first to participate, and glory and wealth will definitely belong to you in the future.

Black card rules are supplemented and improved from time to time with the IntelliShare project development route. When there is no community autonomous committee, it is written by the official team and confirmed by the Black Card community.

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