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IntelliShare & BiKi Deposit and Lucky Reward Event


Dear users,

IntelliShare (INE) has been listed on BiKi on August 10. In order to give back to IntelliShare & BiKi users, IntelliShare and Biki hold deposit and lucky reward event together. Participating in the event to get INE reward, and lucky reward is waiting for you!

Event 1: Deposit Reward

Time: 8/11/2019 9:55 (GMT+8) — 8/22/2019 14:00 (GMT+8)

During the event, user who deposits ETH or INE into BiKi.com and meets one of the requirements (deposits ≥ 0.3 ETH or deposits ≥ 1000 INE) can receive 30 INE for reward.


  • User meets one of the deposit requirements can get 30 INE. User meets the two requirements can get 60 INE for reward. Every UID can receive up to 60 INE for reward.

  • The deposit reward will be sent by BiKi platform within 7 working days after the event is completed.

Event 2: Lucky Reward

Time: 8/11/2019 14:00 (GMT+8) — 8/22/2019 (GMT+8)

There are two lucky stars in the event. The top net purchase user will be one of the lucky stars. The least net purchase user ( net purchase should over 1000 INE)will be the other lucky star.

Lucky Package:

1. 8888 INE

2. 1.8 ETH

3. Electronic Black Card

4. Share (INE) official bolster and T-shirt


  • The highest net purchase user will be the lucky star. The lucky star reward will follow the principle of priority. If there are more than one user bought the highest net purchase, the system will select the lucky star according to the chronological order in which users reach the highest net purchases.

  • Net purchases ≥1000 INE, and the net purchases ranked the lowest. If more than one user satisfies both the conditions, the system will skip the number and select the higher one of the net purchases as the winning number until the only winner is selected. The winner will be the other lucky star.

  • The statistics of net purchase ranking do not take into account the number after the decimal point (note: not rounding), only integers.

For example:

There are six users ABCDEF who buy over 1000 INE.

1002 F

1001 D, E

1000 A, B, C

In the ranking, users A, B and C are the least net purchase, but the net purchase number 1000 has been bought more than once, so the system will skip them. So it’s same for D and E. The user F is the only one who bought the least net purchase, so the system will select the number 1002 and the user as the lucky star.

Important Notes:

1. User who participates in the event should finish the identification verification before August 22. The user who doesn’t finish identification verification can’t receive reward.

2. BiKi platform and IntelliShare (INE) project team will process the winners of the rewards according to the collected statistics after the end of the event.

3. INE reward will be sent by BiKi platform within 7 working after the event is completed.

4. Users who win the lucky package should contact BiKi customer service (ID: bikicom7) to register information.

4. Users should read the details of the event carefully before participation. If you have any question, contact BiKi official customer service.

5. If a user has malicious misconduct during the event, their participation qualifications will be cancelled.

6. There are risks in digital asset trading, and users are requested to participate cautiously on the basis of fully understanding the risks.

7. The right to interpret this event belongs to the IntelliShare team and the BiKi team.

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