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IntelliShare Monthly Update:July. 1st — July. 31st



  • IntelliShare (INE) made an announcement of stopping Huobi voting and rewarding on July 4, 2019 due to a great amount of cheating behaviour which has broken our rules. Users who violate the serious situation have been officially blacklisted. All rewards for qualifiers before the stop date have been issued.

  • On July 6 to 7, MOAC’s group of leaders and core members visited IntelliShare (INE) headquarters in Shenzhen. Both sides had two-days profound discussion for running strategy, technology and community establishment. MOAC team admire the marketing strategy of IntelliShare (INE), and both sides will communicate and cooperate on technology and community deeply.


  • On July 9, IPFS distributed storage project FileStorm core members of marketing visited IntelliShare (INE) headquarters in Shenzhen. Meanwhile, they took part in IntelliShare (INE) sharing meeting. IntelliShare (INE) COO Jade Zhang shared his ideas about the essence of blockchain and the marketing logic of IntelliShare (INE).

  • With the joining and supporting of global users, the IntelliShare community has been enlarging. In order to create a fair and harmonious environment, the IntelliShare (INE) team decided to establish a blacklist. IntelliShare (INE) hopes every user cherish the chance for participating in events and community co-construction. IntelliShare (INE) team will try best to serve the events and the community.

  • On July 21, Global Blockchain Summit in Shenzhen 2019 has been held successfully on Nanshan, Shenzhen. IntelliShare (INE) team has been invited to participate in the summit and played the roadshow in the afternoon.

  • To give back to IntelliShare and BitForex users, IntelliShare and BitForex hold a Giveaway event together. Participating in the event will have a chance to get 5888 INE rewards. The event has been stopped on July 26 at 24:00 (GMT+8). The winners will be announced through live stream.


  • On July 27, IntelliShare has delivered the quiz “Who Knows IntelliShare Best?” to the users. The event has been held for four days, and many users participated in it actively. The quiz statistic and high score users will be announced in IntelliShare live stream, and the recipients of rewards will be announced in the announcement.


  • On July 31, MOAC technique promotion seminar & Shenzhen developer community initiation meeting has been held on IntelliShare (INE) headquarters in Shenzhen. The Co-Founder Chen Xiaohu of MOAC explained the system foundation, advantages of technique, developing schedule and future direction of development. More than 50 blockchain developers and MOAC super nodes including IntelliShare (INE), FileStorm, SlashWallet attended the seminar.


New Member:

  • Miao, Zhiqiu, the chief security officer of MOAC, director of Mozi.one and doctor of information security officially serves as IntelliShare (INE) information security consultant. With the joining of Dr. Miao, IntelliShare (INE) security distribution will move forward and thus promoting IntelliShare’s ecosystem implementation.

New Cooperation:

  • IntelliShare (INE) achieved strategic cooperation with Lambda. Both sides will cooperate on blockchain area and build a distributed commercial application implementation ecosystem together.


  • With the development of global community, Telegram Spanish Group has been established officially on July 18. Currently, the global telegram groups include English group, Turkish group, Indonesian group, Pakistani group and Spanish group. The total number of user achieves approximately 30k.

Ongoing Giveaway:

  • In order to announce the winners of “Koi Lucky Draw” & “Who Knows IntelliShare Best?” quiz with a fair way, IntelliShare will make a live stream on Instagram on August 2 at 19:00 (GMT+8). During the live stream, we will be airdropping INE to active users.

  • In August, Intellishare (INE) community behavior mining is continuing. Token will be distributed according to the contribution. Based on the principle “Getting more pay for more work; instant feedback and instant rewards”, we will let every participant feel the charm of behavior mining.

Technique Program:

  • On July 9, IntelliShare (INE) team made an announcement of adjustment of IntelliShare (INE)’s super router reservation cashback. With the development of IntelliShare consensual community, in order to show the value of IntelliShare (INE), the team adjusted the reservation price of super router into 0.2ETH or 1000INE. After the launching of super router, 1500INE cashback will be sent to the user. The reservation is only available in China right now, and please pay attention to the opening time for other countries and regions.

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