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【Giveaway】Are You the One Who Knows IntelliShare Best?


Good day! Can’t wait to start our quiz! It will be opened at 15:00 (GMT +8) today and closed at 10:00 on July 30 (GMT +8).

Please don’t forget to follow our Twitter and to join Telegram before you starting to answer.

Are you the one who knows IntelliShare best?

Click to answer: https://www.wenjuan.com/s/3QVZBb/

Reward: Total 50,000 INE

We will distribute the reward based on your final score.The higher your score, the more INE rewards you get!

  • 60–69 points: 30 INE

  • 70–79 points: 60 INE

  • 80–89 points: 150 INE

  • 90–100: 250 INE

  • The highest score 500 INE (1 winner)

You know what? !

Being a member of the Black Card community can get double rewards in this event:

  • 60–69 points: 60 INE

  • 70–79 points: 120INE

  • 80–89 points: 300 INE

  • 90–100: 500 INE

  • The highest score 1000 INE (1 winner)

The welfare of black card members is far more than this! There are more rewards for behavior mining and more rewards for future activities. Come and learn how to become a black card member!

How to join:

1. Follow us on Twitter and join Telegram (required for getting rewards)

2. Click on the quiz link to start to answer, and submit it when you are finished.

How to receive the rewards:

On August 3rd, the winning list will be announced in the livestream of the Koi event, and finally announced in our Telegram channel. In the livestream, the questioner will be randomly selected to get INE airdrop!

Please use the telegram account you submitted to send the erc 20 wallet address and Twitter user name to @inejovi to receive the reward if you are in the winner list.


1. Per person/account/erc 20 wallet address is only available once.

2. The answer will be announced after the event is over.

3. The reward will be released within 7 working days after the event.

4. After the reward is finished, the event will be suspended.

5. Information on the official blacklist is not eligible for participation.

6. Please do not spread the answer after answering the question. If in this case, the communicator will be listed on the official blacklist.

7. The right to interpret the event is owned by IntelliShare.

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