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【About us】Dr. Miao Zhiqiu, MOAC Chief Security Officer Serves as IntelliShare (INE) Technical Security Consultant


Miao Zhiqiu, the chief security officer of MOAC, director of Mozi.one and doctor of information security officially serves as IntelliShare (INE) technical security consultant. With the joining of Dr. Miao, IntelliShare (INE) security distribution will move forward and thus promoting IntelliShare (INE)’s ecosystem implementation.

Miao Zhiqiu, information security Ph.D , graduated from State Key Laboratory of Information Security of Chinese Academic of Sciences, working in information security research in a long term. Dr. Miao was also employed by Chinese Academic of Sciences, Hisense and many renowned institutes. Besides, Dr. Miao accumulated profound research experience in P2P network security, the internet of things security and blockchain security. Currently, Dr. Miao serves as director of Mozi.one, chief security officer of MOAC and information security consultant for many blockchain companies.

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