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【Event】The Mainstream Ecological Alliance Consisting of IntelliShare, Waltonchain and MOAC was Formally Established

The blockchain mainstream ecological alliance conference, co-sponsored by mainstream blockchain projects such as IntelliShare (INE) and Waltonchain, ended on June 29th at the IntelliShare Shenzhen Operations Headquarters. IntelliShare (INE) founder Raymond Xiong and Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing, MOAC China Operations Director, Hua Chen and other leading blockchain project leaders attended the meeting.


IntelliShare COO Jade Zhang, Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing, IntelliShare Co-founder Nicholas Wan, MOAC China Operations Director Hua Chen and HSN Co-founder Jia Mingzhe (L-R)

IntelliShare (INE) Founder Raymond Xiong: The Hardest Road is the Strongest Road

IntelliShare (INE) founder Raymond Xiong expressed his ideas about the road of establishing IntelliShare (INE) community. He said that IntelliShare (INE) is walking a different path, namely giving the autonomy to the community and letting people share ideas and suggestions. Although it’s a road with obstacles, it’s the strongest road for project founders.


IntelliShare Founder Raymond Xiong

Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing: It’s Necessary to Develop Technology and Establish a Stable Foundation for Blockchain Projects

Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing said that Waltonchain is a business ecological public chain. Combining RFID and blockchain can figure out the problems of physic world and blockchain world. Currently, it has been applied into costume, food, luxury and logistics. Waltonchain appreciates the community establishing road of IntelliShare (INE) and will publish its foundation blue book. Waltonchain resorts to the power of community autonomy so as to boost the development of blockchain and the internet of things.


Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing

MOAC China COO Hua Chen: Blockchain Promoters Should Have Higher Value Pursuit

MOAC China COO Hua Chen said that blockchain project promoters should have higher value pursuit. It’s necessary to encourage community to do something valuable and help people achieve the meaning of life. MOAC as the basic chain, who dedicates to help blockchain followers achieve commercial implementation.


MOAC China COO Hua Chen

Intellishare COO Jade Zhang: Blockchain Implementation is Establishing a New Pattern of Production That Coordinates All Human Beings

Intellishare COO Jade Zhang expressed that blockchain is a container that all business applications can be involved. Meanwhile, it can call on human beings to work together. Along with the foundation of blockchain technology, coordination pattern and token economy, a new pattern of production that coordinates all human beings can be created.


Intellishare COO Jade Zhang

At the conference, IntelliShare (INE) and Waltonchain officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in community, technology and other resources. At the same time, IntelliShare (INE), Waltonchain and MOAC signed an agreement and formally established a blockchain mainstream ecological alliance. The alliance will focus on integrating mainstream ecological forces to prompte the development of the industry together.

About Waltonchain:

Based on the blockchain, Waltonchain resorts to RFID technology to promote blockchian from the Internet to the Internet of Things to realize the concept of Value Internet of Things so as to create an authentic, traceble and data-fully shared, completely transparent business model. The purpose is to build a public chain of commercial ecology at the bottom of the chain. On this chain, merchants can build various sub-chains according to their own needs. The main characteristics of business ecosystem for all the data (including property ownership data, commodity flow data, etc.) are authentic, tamper-resistant, with a timestamp, so will be able to build a truly reliable business ecosystem.


About MOAC:

MOAC is a revolutionary platform with a Multi-Blockchain smart contract and P2P service network to efficiently build and scale decentralized applications. By leveraging Multi-Blockchain sharding, the MOAC platform increases system capacity and performance, reduces transaction fees for smart contracts, and incentivizes mobile and desktop users to compete for processing rewards.

The platform is a Multi-Blockchain software and deployment service solution for rapid development of decentralized applications (Dapps) and smart contracts on a scalable P2P service network. By using an advanced layered architecture for asynchronous smart contracts and a variety of configurable consensus systems (including “proof of work” and “proof of stake”), the MOAC platform enhances existing Dapps with additional functionality, and scalability solutions. This advancement increases processing speed by several levels of magnitude (10–100x) and sets a new market standard for transactional efficiency, while optimizing decentralization mechanisms and overall security.


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