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【Announcement】The Opening Notice of the Second Round of the Official Website Airdrop


The second round of the new official website airdrop is officially opened today, ending at 10:00 on August 16, 2019 (GMT +8). The opening time for new users’ withdrawals is 10:00 (GMT +8) on July 3, 2019.

The invitation rewards for this round are:

  • Bind ERC 20 wallet address to get 10 IN

  • Recommend a valid invitee (bind ERC 20 address) to get 5 INE

Participation steps:

  1. 1. 

  2. 2. Join  (Please read the pinned message first when joining).

  3. 1_ycyTzDf9J4aOkLRy4LAOhw.png

  4. 3. Add the admin contact (search for “inesz”) and send your registered email and mobile number to her to complete your whitelist identification.

  5. 1_6pvp5jnsbwZ8QBFt0qDaGQ.png

  6. 4. Complete the above steps to start the invitation(share your exclusive promotion link to others).

  7. 1_uINMpHIZTOFUKtL6A-YlgQ.png

Withdrawal steps:

  1. 1. Upload your KYC photo in the withdrawal center (photo verification will be reviewed along with the withdrawal request)

  2. 1_gP1AkNmYSSk54kFr48ypKQ.png

  3. 2. Click the withdrawal button

  4. 3.PM admin @inezs and apply for withdrawal (please confirm that the above steps have been completed)

  5. 4. System review

  6. 5. Manual review (Please read the importants notes below the your promotion link on the website to know the review contents)

  7. 6. After both reviews are approved, the reward will be sent within 3–5 business days.

Important notes(manual review contents):

  • The review (system review + manual review) includes but is not limited to:

1). The system detects whether the registration time of the invitee is too dense and too regular

2). Your proof of sharing (if the data is insufficient to support your invitation, it will be invalid).

3). Random call to review your invitees. If more than half of the invitees do not answer the phone or being detected as empty numbers, the account will be banned.

4). Your withdrawl application will be finally approved as long as half of your invitees that have made a valid withdrawal.

  • IntelliShare has the final right to interpret the activities within the scope of the law, and will strictly investigate malicious acts such as false invitations. If there is a large amount of unclaimed circumstances in the invitation registration, we will have the right to judge malicious registration. And we will have the right to cancel the promotion reward and to pursue legal responsibility.

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