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IntelliShare Monthly Update: June. 1st — June. 30rd



  • On June 3, WBFex opened the trading pairs INE/USDT and INE/ETH, and the index surged over 20 percent. WBFex started at Wall Street, who is the founder and practitioner of the concept of the third generation digital asset exchange.

  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published the eighth list of CDN retail license which involving 17 companies. INE’s partner ZHKHC got the CDN retain license with China Mobile, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

  • On June 6, Digital Economy Industrial Application Summit & Eagle Chain Digital Economy and Culture Festival has been held successfully in Wuhan. Intellishare Co-Founder and CFO Nicholas Wan was invited to participate in the round-table meeting and played INE projects roadshow.

  • INE cooperated with ThinkSNS, Geekbeans, Jige Family, NutsCapital and Community Chain and established Asia blockchain research institute. As a integrated information platform, Asia blockchain research institute watches out blockchain technology and application, talent training, projects evaluation and industry incubation and so on.


  • On June 13, Digital Economy Blockchain Industry investment summit (Shenzhen) hosted by Digital Economy Alliance has been held in INE headquarters successfully. INE team was invited to participate in the summit and played the project roadshow.

  • On June 22, Intellishare (INE) Co-Founder & CFO Nicholas Wan was invited to participate WBF 2019 Singapore & World Blockchain Award Asia and attend the round-table meeting. Intellishare (INE) received an award of “Top 10 Technical Projects”. Intellishare Co-Founder & CFO Nicholas Wan was invited to attend the award ceremony.


New Member:

  • Asia Blockchain Society founding president, CFO of Hong Kong Blockchain Asset Management Company Dr. Cheney Tsoi serves as Intellishare (INE) academic development consultant. Dr. Cheney Tsoi’s participation will help consolidate and enlarge INE’s academic achievements while completing INE blockchain fundamentalism.

New Cooperation:

  • On June 17, INE cooperates with Wuhan Huokeda to integrate resources. Wuhan Huokeda will apply INE Mesh network technology in the subway project, fire controlling and emergency project.

  • Intellishare (INE) and WaltonChian (WTC) achieved strategic cooperation, and both sides will make a deep cooperation in community, technology and resources. Meanwhile, blockchain mainstream ecological alliance conference has been hold. Intellishare (INE), WaltonChian (WTC) and MOAC signed a deal and established a blockchain mainstream alliance. The alliance dedicates to integrate mainstream ecological strength and promote the industry to develop.



Airdrops and Rewards:

  • In the third week of June, Intellishare (INE) community behavior mining is continuing. Token will be distributed according to the contribution. Based on the principle “Getting more pay for more work; instant feedback and instant rewards”, we will let every participant feel the charm of behavior mining.

  • In the fourth week of June, Intellishare (INE) has won over 10000 likes on huobi project. As of press time, there are 16213 likes in total.

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