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【Giveaway】Community Behaviour Mining Rewards July 1-July 31



Participants are required to finish the registration and kyc on our official website

Click to register: 

Please send your registration email and phone number to  admin @inekj for completing whitelist verification before doing the tasks. Thank you!

Submit your task before passsing the kyc is invalid.

Behavior Level 1 (10 INE/12 INE for BC members)

1. Forward and like official recent (2 days) Medium articles or Twitter contents (Contents posted by apps won’t be counted) on your Twitter account;

2. Comment and introduce IntelliShare project under some related articles of well-known website by your Twitter account.

How to join:

1. Join Telegram  and 

2. Fill the form and submit.

3. After pass the kyc review by @inekj, you will get the form access passwords.


1. Limited 2 times a day;

2. duplicate forwarding content is invalid;

3. For IntelliShare official Twitter followers only;

4. The same account and wallet address are considered as one participant

5. Participating Twitter account registration time should be more than two months and the number of followers should be more than 30;

6. Black card members can do 3 times a day, and rewards increased 20%.

Behaviour Level 2 (20 INE/24 INE for BC members)

Communicate with various blockchain enthusiasts in person about IntelliShare project and guide them to join the community.

How to join:

1.Join Telegram  and 

2. Provide a video that says “Hello IntelliShare” together or a photo holding a paper with the words”love IntelliShare” and the date together to admin @inekj


1. Limited to 2 times a day;

2. Sharing with same person is invalid;

3. Date on the paper should be the same date you submit the task;

4. Black card members’ rewards increased 20%.

Behaviour Level 3 (200 INE/240 INE for BC members)

Article: Implant the IntelliShare project on your own article and post any website. The number of words exceeds 400 and the number of views reaches 300 or more.

Video: Make a YouTube video about IntelliShare for more than 2 minutes. And Views should reach 100 or more.

How to join:

1.Join Telegram  and 

2. Send to @inekj


1. Articals and Videos can not be deleted in a month;

2. YouTube channel should have at least 500 subscribers;

3. Admin @inekj will announce the topic in Telegram channel every week. Nice works will be announced in community every week;

4. Limited to 4 times a month;

5. Black card members’ rewards increased 20%.

Behaviour Level 4 (300 INE/360 INE for BC members)

Organize an IntelliShare roadshow for more than 10 mins and invite more than 15 people to participate.

How to join:

1. Join Telegram  and ;

2. Provide roadshow videos and photos to admin @inekj;

3.Black card members’ rewards increased 20%.

Behaviour Level 5 (400 INE/480 INE for BC members)

Introduce people who have an intention to cooperate with IntelliShare to negotiate with official staff. Once reach the coopertion, the reward will be sent. Including but not limited to technicians, business owners, investment institutions, etc.

How to join:

1. Join Telegram  and 

2. Contact the admin @inekj in our official Telegram group and it will be reviewed by IntelliShare COO, Jade Zhang;

3. Black card members’ rewards increased 20%.

1. All the rewards will be sent in 3–5 business days.

2. IntelliShare Black Card members(BC members) enjoy a 20% increase in IntelliShare behavior mining rewards.

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