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【About Us】IntelliShare Roadmap


February 2017

· Seed of IntelliShare

Two technical geeks:

Raymond Xiong (data technology geeks living in Silicon Valley, USA for 18 years)

Eric Zhu (National Cloud Computing and Networking Specialist, Ph.D. of Fudan University)

Meeting in China, for the first time discussed the possibility of blockchain combined with Mesh network, and then co-authored a feasibility study report.


November 2017

· IntelliShare technical team formed

IntelliShare (Chinese name: 智联生态), formerly referred to as INET, was later changed to INE.

The first core members of the technical team are from Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and are led by Raymond Xiong (Silicon Valley and Shenzhen), Eric Zhu (Shanghai), and Edgar Lei (Silicon Valley, Senior Engineer at Tesla).


January 2018

· IntelliShare(INE) white paper released

The IntelliShare Foundation, established in Boulder City, USA, published a white paper, which stated that the commercial ecosystem built by IntelliShare will change people’s habits of using the Internet and lead a new era of shared networks.


March 2018

· IntelliShare(INE) got its first investment

Dream Universal made a million-level angel investment in IntelliShare. Dream Universal is an information technology company from the United States.

· IntelliShare(INE) Silicon Valley technical team named IntelliShare Lab

The establishment of the IntelliShare Lab marked the official development and testing of the IntelliShare technical team in Silicon Valley, led by Edgar Lei.

· IntelliShare(INE) established global operations office in Shenzhen, China


April 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) official launched

· IntelliShare (INE) got the seed round investment of Red Thirteen Capital and Jinqiao Capital Foundation


May 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) got the seed round investment of Xiha Finance and Yutai Foundation

· IntelliShare (INE) began to publish weekly and monthly reports

· IntelliShare (INE) and blockchain educational institution in Silicon Valley — The DEN reached strategic cooperation

Gurinder Bhangoo (Silicon Valley), the head of The Den, joined the IntelliShare technical team. He was the first developer to participate in the Ethereum blockchain smart contract in 2015.

· IntelliShare (INE) and University at Buffalo reached strategic cooperation


June 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) won the Top 50 Award in the 2018 Hurun Blockchain Innovation Ranking

· IntelliShare (INE) project launched conference

Exclusive outfield safety network support for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Council.

· IntelliShare (INE) project launched living area

A strategic cooperation with the Shenzhen Shawei Life Area to build a blockchain ecological network.

· IntelliShare(INE) logo upgraded to version 2.0

· IntelliShare (INE) began to hold technical exchanges and community cooperation salons

Since then, salons have been held by community members in various cities around the world from time to time every month, more than ten times a month.


July 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) established an executive branch office in Bangkok, Thailand

· IntelliShare (INE) got the Symbol Digital Asset corner round investment

· IntelliShare (INE) and MOAC reached a strategic cooperation

· IntelliShare (INE) pioneered blockchain community behavior mining

Made the INE community a highly active community with an active 25% share.

· IntelliShare (INE) first large-scale publicity in Hong Kong Dream Cruises

Participated in the world’s first IPFS+MESH Smart City Development Summit Forum and participated in the establishment of the China Communications Industry Association Wireless Mesh Network Professional Committee that held on the cruise


September 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) project launded event

Providing instant control information services for the off-site network of the WPMF-World Professional Muay Thai League China Tournament, and simultaneously promoting IntelliShare to nearly 10,000 event audiences.


October 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) official website open KYC registration

Members’ airdrops, promotion awards, early bird membership and other benefits continued, and the community began to expand in scale; after two weeks of open registration, registered members reached 50,000+, and early bird members exceeded 1000+.

· The IntelliShare (INE) technical team added experts

Kevin Zhu, former head of Sprint Technology, the third largest communications operator in the United States, and Wei Xiaoqing, former Gaode system architect and former founder and CEO of Sheng Chain Technology, joined the advisory team as technical consultants.


November 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) Shenzhen Silicon Valley synchronized launch conference was held

In order to salute the spirit of the blockchain, the launch price of INE on trading platform is much lower than the price of the seed round investment, which is 20 times lower than the valuation of the company, and is launched at the initial price of 0.01RMB.

November 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) received an A rating

The authoritative rating agency — ONETOP Rating scored 6.28 for IntelliShare, and IntelliShare was rated as a strong blockchain comprehensive capability project.

· IntelliShare (INE) launched the first digital asset trading platform: DeBi

The initial price is 0.01RMB, each user is limited to buy 10,000 INE, and the release of purchase restriction started after one week.

· IntelliShare (INE) launched the second digital asset trading platform: EXX


December 2018

· IntelliShare (INE) Chinese community WeChat official account reopened

· IntelliShare (INE) released Community Autonomy Orange Book

The first management vote of the China Community Autonomous Committee was carried out, and the first 13 community management teams were created. Community planning and development plans were developed by community management to transparently distribute and motivate INE Token.

· IntelliShare (INE) project launched the third world country

Reached a strategic cooperation with the Malayan Pacific Power Holdings Corporation (MPPH) in the Philippines, and started the Third World Program, people from the third world countries can obtain double behaviour mining awards, up to 100,000 INE.


January 2019

· IntelliShare (INE) won another authoritative award

Received the GBLS Global Blockchain Annual Technology Value Application Award, and IntelliShare co-founder Nicholas Wan was invited to attend the GBLS Roundtable Forum and delivered a speech. This is another authoritative award after the Hurun Top50.

· IntelliShare (INE) project launched modern factory

Supporting the world’s first blockchain factory test network construction, the project team went to the Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd. industrial park in Henan, China to build an IntelliShare Mesh network to support the construction of the Xiangnian Group’s blockchain network factory.

· IntelliShare (INE) and Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd. released a co-creation plan

During the three days of the launch, the IntelliShare community co-creator created nearly 200,000 online sales for Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd.

· IntelliShare (INE) launched instructor training camp

Later renamed the Consensus CLUB, as a base, hatched nearly 100 senior evangelists.

· IntelliShare (INE) core black card community established

You can enter the IntelliShare black card community with holding 100,000+INE. Good community leaders, and official website users who invited more than 40 friends are encouraged to join.

· Chinese community donations for the third IntelliShare (INE) launch exchanges

· Establishing IntelliShare Foundation Observers


February 2019

· IntelliShare (INE) Chinese community provincial super node completed the establishment of 9 provinces in 72 hours

The community members participating in the super node were given surprise airdrop benefits. At the same time, the plan to mass production of the home version of the super router miner was released, and the reservation was opened. The first batch of 1,000 units was booked in about three weeks.


March 2019

· IntelliShare (INE) China Community Autonomous Committee, the second management changed

The second community self-government management re-elected, about one-third of the previous management stayed.

· IntelliShare (INE) China Community Autonomous Committee released the city node to join the channel

Each city is equivalent to an IntelliShare community, and the construction of localized communities is replicated in the development model of the IntelliShare community.

· IntelliShare (INE) launchedthird trading platform: BitForex

On the first day of launch, the increase was 201.62%. At the same time, it has increased more than 15 times in the bear market in April.

· IntelliShare (INE) continued to win awards

IntelliShare won the “Top 10 Innovative Enterprise Award” at the first Global Innovation Digital Conference and was named “Top 100 Asian Blockchain Enterprise” by the Asian Blockchain Society.

· IntelliShare (INE) relaunched the co-creation plan

Cooperated with Macao’s largest living platform: AOMI. Launched a co-creation plan to create an INE Macau consumer ecology, and developed a community to join the channel.

· IntelliShare (INE) and Tencent Blockchain Electronic Invoicing Project jointly won the “Annual Land Project Award”

· IntelliShare (INE) test network released the latest developments

The TPS is stable at around 5,000. After the interface is debugged, the test network will be opened to the public.


April 2019

· IntelliShare (INE) began to move towards thousands of households

IntelliShare’s incubator ecological project UTD released the world’s first blockchain lifestyle supermarket: colorful collection.

· IntelliShare (INE) founder Raymond Xiong served as expert group leader

Raymond Xiong is the expert group leader of the Wireless Grid Network and Mesh+IPFS Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association. He was invited to attend the 2019 Shenzhen International IPFS Distributed Storage Conference and Exhibition, and delivered a keynote speech on “Memorization of Mesh Network and Distributed Storage Industry”.

· IntelliShare (INE) praised “World Blockchain Unicorn”

In Hong Kong, IntelliShare won the “World’s Blockchain Most Unicorn Value” award from the World Digital Economy Industry Alliance. COO Jade Zhang attended and delivered a keynote speech on “The Network of Values”.

· IntelliShare (INE) opened a new brand operation strategy

The “What can 1 INE exchange for” brand spread was opened, with up to 3000+ public page views per week. Previously, IntelliShare’s project operations were highly praised by the industry.

· IntelliShare (INE) Super Router Miner Announced Design

The appearance of the super router is announced in advance in the community and initiated a vote to determine the appearance.

· IntelliShare (INE) official website KYC users exceeded 100,000



This is just the beginning, it’s to be continued, and the timeline is updated every three months.


The increasing data supports the value and price base of INE

As of April 2019:

IntelliShare search volume: 720,000+

Website KYC users: 100,000+

The total number of users holding INE on the exchange: 40,000+

智联生态(Chinese name of IntelliShare)search volume: 35,000+

The total number of buyers bought on the exchange: 30,000+

Block browser holding address number: 29,000+

Chinese Telegram members: 5900+

English Telegram members: 6300+

The amount of IntelliShare super router mining machine pre-sale(Chinese): 1000+

Black card holder: 1000+

Black card community participants(Chinese): 373

Super node(human)(Chinese): 183

Super node coverage cities(Chinese): 113

Strategic cooperation media: 89

Promotion Ambassadors: 81

IntelliShare Chinese Community CLUB Instructors: 68

Previous IntelliShare Autonomous community managements: 22

Application implementation agencies: 18

Investment institutions: 9

Listing exchanges: 3


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