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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Apr. 1st — Apr. 30th


On March 31, the 2019 China Business Leaders Forum and the 2nd China Blockchain Billboard Annual Festivalwas grandly opened in Beijing.


IntelliShare was invited to participate in the event and won the Annual Implemented Project Awardin the China Blockchain Billboard together with the Tencent Blockchain Electronic Invoicing Project. Wei Xiaoqing, senior technical consultant of IntelliShare attended the conference on behalf of IntelliShare and received the award.


Raymond Xiong, founder and CEO of IntelliShare, and CFO Nicholas Wan attended the Shenzhen Blockchain Scene Application Conference & Expo 2019 on April 10th. Raymond delivered a keynote speech on Mesh Network and Distributed Storage Industry Combination.


Raymond pointed our: With the advent of the 5G era, the storage storm surpassed our imagination, and the data for the next five years will more than five times. After the emergence of IPFS, centralized distributed storage was transferred to decentralized distributed storage. Mesh distributed network node three-in-one (edge computing, distributed storage, distributed network) is the key to the fog computing platforms and the future development direction.


The conference was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. It mainly discusses the current status and future development direction of distributed storage. It is the highest level meeting of China's blockchain/IPFS industry so far.


On April 18th, IntelliShare COO Jade Zhang was invited to attend the 2019 Hong Kong World Digital Economy Innovation Leaders New Summit and delivered the Value Networktheme. At the same time, IntelliShare won the "World Blockchain Most Unicorn Award" by the World Digital Economy Industry Alliance.


IntelliShare genesis address started the first transfer on June 30, 2018. In less than a year, through IntelliShare technology and the community's promotion of INE circulation, IntelliShare now holds more than 30,000 addresses, which is far beyond the other digital assets generated during the same period, and is closer to the top 50 digital assets. 

Technical Progresses

1. The mining machine technical design plan is completed, and the overall model design has been played;

2. The official website UI revision design is continuously optimized;

3. The test network continues to test, and the processing speed per block and per second is steadily increasing;

4. IPFS eco-link partners have obtained CDN licenses in Shenzhen/Hangzhou, China.

Communities news

On April 22nd, IntelliShare official website KYC registered users exceeded 100,000. Reached 100,000 in 5 months. This is just the beginning!


The answering activity of IntelliShare official Telegram is still in hot progress. Users can answer the questions according to the official essay questions. The top three with the fastest answer and the correct answer can get the corresponding INE reward.

The English IntelliShare Black Card community is about to be formed. It is the highest level group of IntelliShare and has the right to vote on major issues. The details of the rules will be announced, please pay attention to our official announcement.


On April 15th, IntelliShare opened a large-scale event of “What Can 1 INE Exchange For?” in the Chinese and English communities. The rule is to use an INE to exchange any item with others. Both exchangers will receive corresponding INE rewards. The winner can receive an additional 10,000 INE bonus.


The event ended on April 28th (GMT +8). The works of the Chinese community and the English community have all been voted by the members of the IntelliShare Black Card community, and the final voting results were announced on May 5.


The first round of the official website registration airdrop has ended, with more than 15,700 participants. The withdrawal function is not closed temporarily. Regarding the start time of the next round of registration airdrops, please pay attention to the official announcement.

IntelliShare behavior mining activity is ongoing, welcome to participate to take INE rewards every day. The behavior mining rules will be improved and upgraded soon. Please look forward to the new behavior mining rules.


IntelliShare official website KYC registered users: 100000+

Block browser currency number: 30000+

Chinese Telegram members: 5900+

English Telegram members: 6300+

IntelliShare super router mining machine pre-sale: 1000+

Black card holders(Chinese): 1000+

Black card community participants(Chinese): 373

Number of super nodes(Chinese): 182

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