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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Mar. 1st — Mar. 31st


The first round of the new official website airdrop was officially opened on March 30, ending at 10:00 on May 1, 2019 (GMT +8). The opening date for new users’ withdrawals is 10:00 (GMT +8) on April 2, 2019.


The IntelliShare public chain debugging has been completed. The DeBi and EXX trading platforms have reopened withdrawal service of INE at 12:00 on March 29th (GMT +8).


All old users of IntelliShare official websiter are requested to complete the withdrawal before 19:00 (GMT +8) on March 30. The expiration will not be processed. After this time, all data of the old system will be cleared and the old user account will be deleted.


IntelliShare officially launched the BitForex exchange at 15:00 on March 12th and opened the INE/ETH, INE/USDT trading pairs.



On March 16, IntelliShare co-founder Nicholas Wan was invited to participate in the "2019 First World Digital Economy Conference" and attended the roundtable forum to express his views: IntelliShare can solve the limitations of different chains.


On the afternoon of March 21, IntelliShare was invited to participate in the first Global Innovation Digital Conference and won the “Top Ten Innovative Enterprise Awards”.

On March 23, IntelliShare was named “Top 100 Asian Blockchain Enterprises” by the Asian Blockchain Association.

IntelliShare CEO Raymond Xiong was invited to the National Engineering Laboratory For Integrated Command And Dispatch Technology for academic exchanges in March 27. The traffic committees at all levels, the high-speed rail system, the monitoring system, and the technologies involved in integrated dispatching are all from this laboratory, and can work intensively with Mesh technology.


Technical Progresses:

IntelliShare's second version of the technical white paper is moving forward, defining the IntelliShare Alliance chain ecosystem in detail, while detailing how IntelliShare becomes the public blockchain that supports smart contracts, and also standardizes IntelliShare's alliance chain and public chain interfaces.

In the fourth week of March, the IntelliShare test network is doing the final test. Currently, the average test time is 8 seconds - 60 seconds in a multi-node test environment. The Tps test environment has been stable at around 5,000. The debugging of the relevant interface is being done, and the test network will be opened to the public soon!

3. The IntelliShare chain structure (Sucker Theory of Blockchian structure) is being docked and tested for ports, and comprehensive neutralization is performed for the stability, security, and scalability of different chain structures.

Community activities

As of February 24, 2019, the IntelliShare China Community Super Node completed the establishment of 9 provincial super nodes in 72 hours. IntelliShare will give back a total of 21.2 million INE eco-digital assets for free.


Airdrops and rewards

To celebrate INE's launch of BitForex, collect likes activities from March 8th to March 20th, up to 406 INEs. From March 8th to March 26th, IntelliShare and BitForex jointly conducted “Buy and get INE” activities to reward new and old users. 


In order to thank you for your support,we giveaway 3000/2000/1000 INE to our biggest fans TOP 3 every week in Twitter and announce every Friday. The result will be chosen by SumAll. The first round of events will end on April 25.

The IntelliShare co-creation plan was released again. This time, we cooperated with Aomi, the largest living platform in Macau, to create a INE Macau consumer ecology and open a system for INE deduction in Macau! A total of 84 co-founders were added in the first phase.


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