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【Announcement】Notice on the Deadline for the Withdrawal of the Old User Account of the Official Website

Due to the upgrade of the official website registration system, the old and new system data will not be interoperable, the old system data will be cleared, and all old user data will be treated as invalid. 

All old users are requested to complete the withdrawal before 19:00 (GMT +8) on March 30. The expiration will not be processed. 

Please do not use the old user account for new invitations. The new inviter is considered invalid. 

To apologize, old users can re-register for the original registration information and get the registration reward again. sorry for the inconveniences caused.


P.S.: The old user is a user who only registered with the mobile phone number when registering.


Old user withdrawal steps:

1. Upload your personal verification photo

2. Join the official Telegram group to find admin@inekj, PM to apply for withdrawal

3. After reviewing and getting a reply, the review is successful.

4. The reward will be sent within 2 days.



IntelliShare Team

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