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IntelliShare Cooperates with AOMI, the Largest Living Platform in Macau, and Can Participate in Co-creation with 50,000 INE

IntelliShare will create the INE Macau Consumer Ecology with Macau's largest living platform, AOMI, and open a system for INE deduction in Macau!

Macau is the first mobile and enjoyment search platform in Macau. It supports the mobile terminal platform of MOP and RMB dual-currency payment. More than half of the local merchants cooperate and are very popular among users. It is an indispensable tool for Macao residents.


Every IntelliShare Co-Creation Program creates good co-benefits for community members. The details of this INE Macao Co-Creation Program are as follows:


The co-creation fund recognizes a total of 5 million INE, and 50,000 INE/shares are transferred to the designated address of the IntelliShare Foundation:


A total of 100 shares, up to 10 shares single-person, the recognition time ended three days after the announcement.


The benefits are as follows:


1. If the application for co-creation is successful, it will be rewarded with the Processing Fee Income of INE Consumption in Macau. If the application fails, the INE will be returned with an additional 15%. The success list will be announced on June 25, 2019.

2. 2. The successful application for co-creation will be awarded by the IntelliShare Foundation Macao Ecology Co-creation Award for airdrop. The co-creators were awarded the equivalent INE airdrop reward of CNY 7,500 per share according to the real-time price. The airdrop will be carried out within two weeks after June 25, 2019; (equivalent to the same amount of CNY returned to the airdrop at current price INE.)



1. Enter the IntelliShare official website: www.intellishare.io, check the news, copy the address of INE transfer wallet; (Be sure to check the latest announcement on the IntelliShare official website first to determine whether the transfer address is correct or not; and transfer from personal reasons to the wrong address, you will not be able to retrieve your INE digital assets.)

2. Specify wallet address: 0x74d479aa5C3B6098dd8759c44d2af254fB1B7674

Can only transfer a multiple of 50,000 INE (the number of mis-transfer INE is calculated according to a minimum of 50,000 units, less than 50,000 does not count INE Macao co-creation application qualification)

3. Contact IntelliShare Telegram admin: @inekj; provide your transfer records, transfer wallet address and IntelliShare official website registration information;

4. After the transfer is successful, you will be invited to enter the INE Macau co-creation group to learn about the latest developments.



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