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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Feb. 1st — Feb. 28th


· The term of IntelliShare’s first China Regional Autonomous Committee has ended. IntelliShare community adheres to the spirit of consensus, follows the mode of community autonomy, and opens the election of the new autonomous committee.

· On February 20, in order to thank the Chinese community for its donation support to the progress of IntelliShare project, the IntelliShare Foundation applied for 2,920,000 INE construction funds to reward donors according to the proportion of donations. Thank you for your support to the IntelliShare project all the time.

· Due to IntelliShare’s application for public chain debugging, DeBi exchange and EXX exchange will temporarily close the INE withdrawal. Specific reopening time will be notified later. In the meantime, please do not make INE withdrawals to avoid unnecessary trouble. At the same time, the transfer between businesses in the account during the withdrawal suspension period is not affected.

· IntelliShare(INE)will be launched on BitForex at 15:00, on March 11 (GMT+8). INE/USDT and INE/ETH trading pairs will be available.


Technical Progresses:

· The second edition of IntelliShare technology white paper is in progress, which defines the ecosystem of the IntelliShare alliance chain in detail, describes how IntelliShare becomes a public blockchain supporting smart contracts, and standardizes the interface between the IntelliShare alliance chain and the public chain.

· IntelliShare test network has expanded 100 + test nodes, and is gradually increasing the number of nodes to test the speed of transactions between nodes.


Community Activities:

· On February 19, the Lantern Festival, IntelliShare Operating Team held a couplet-sharing event in the community, which was enthusiastically sought after by fans.

· We were honored to invite our nodes to participate in the product presentation on Feb.27. At the meeting, the main members of the IntelliShare team introduced the upcoming products of IntelliShare to prepare for the node laying of the Mesh network.



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