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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Jan. 1st  —  Jan. 30th


-On January 6th, IntelliShare won the GBLS Global Blockchain Annual Technology Value Application Award. Project co-founder and CFO Nicholas Wan was invited to attend the GBLS Roundtable Forum. This selection gathered domestic and global quality projects, 100 top experts, and 1000 blockchain industry leaders to develop an authoritative evaluation system for GBLS blockchain value index.




-IntelliShare built blockchain network factory for Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd. to create a distributed business together. IntelliShare founder Raymond and Sun Jungeng, the chairman of the Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd., formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement on January 6.



-On January 10th, IntelliShare co-founder Nicholas Wan was invited to attend the global blockchain summit hosted by Chains Power Technology, and delivered a speech on the development concept of “Technology Innovation and Progress in Human Civilization”.

-On January 11th, Project co-founder and CFO Nicholas Wan was invited to attend the WBF World Blockchain Conference - Shenzhen Technology Conference & Asia Awards Ceremony. At the meeting, they summarized 2018's magnificent and transformative year. Nicholas discussed the blockchain technology and regulatory trends with many blockchain experts.


-IntelliShare teamed up with Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd. to host a Spring Festival gifting event on Taobao, Alibaba's shopping platform. Buying gifts and sending friends can also get a certain percentage of INE, which has received great response in the Chinese community.


-Recently, IntelliShare and distributed storage - IPFS Fans Club, distributed computing - Node Cloud Computing reached a preliminary strategic cooperation, with the addition and integration of distributed networks to make up the last piece of the decentralized world. The three parties will work together to build the industrial ecology and community ecology of the decentralized world, and realize the perfect integration of distributed power, storage and network in the blockchain.


-Glad to announce that IntelliShare and Ritech Pinxin Group, one of the largest mining machines and motherboard foundries in China have reached initial strategic cooperation.


-On January 20th, IntelliShare was invited to attend the annual conference of the “Digital Economy” Blockchain Token Economy and Blockchain Industry sponsored by Shenzhen Blockchain Investment Alliance. IntelliShare COO, Jade Zhang attended the event with team members.


-Recently, IntelliShare signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the blockchain poverty alleviation community. The poverty alleviation community will help IntelliShare implement application scenarios and distributed APP applications, while IntelliShare will soon establish a mission area in the poverty alleviation community.


Technical Progress:


-The technical team has completed the Mesh equipment test of the intelligent factory of Henan Nanyang Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd., and then will customize and install the exclusive equipment for the Xiangnian workshop environment and application requirements.


-The technical team is conducting system throughput test evaluation, external system interface testing, and so on. After the internal test is completed, the open beta will be released after the Spring Festival and the official website upgrade is completed.


New Members:



Community Activities:

-In January 2019, the IntelliShare community behaviour mining continued, and the Token was distributed according to the contribution. In accordance with immediate feedback, incentives for timely rules, relying on the Token economy to build a community, so that each community participant feels the charm of behaviour mining.

-On January 22nd, IntelliShare China Community Autonomous Application Implementation Committee sub chairman Lei Qingsheng launched a blockchain discussion salon in Wuhan, Hubei. No one is the leader of the decentralized world. Everyone can speak freely. This is the spirit of the blockchain and the spirit of the IntelliShare community.

-Recently, IntelliShare and The Futurists reached a preliminary strategic cooperation intention. The Futurists have a wide coverage and accumulated a large number of high-quality talent resources in the blockchain industry. This cooperation will promote the value development of IntelliShare in the market and the application process.

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