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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Dec. 1st — Dec. 31st 


According to the IntelliShare road map: Q4 in 2018, INE will be launched on 2-4 digital asset trading platforms. In order to achieve this goal, the IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee voted for this. According to the results of the vote, it has been determined that INE is going to be listed on BitForex and OAX digital asset trading platform.


Glad and exited to be one of the hosts of the Panel Night on November 30. Thanks for all the sharing about the DEN's Blockchain and tokenized assets. Blockchain technology makes asset trading easier, more secure and more free. Some representatives from the companies who realize the potential that tokenized assets have to shape future economies came to share their thoughts. 




EXX trading platform launched the “Double Twelve Candy Delivery”activity, at 15:00 on December 3, 2018 - 24:00 on December 14, 2018(GMT +8). Only the first 300 EXX users net purchases ≥ 10,000 INE can apply for the IntelliShare Autonomous Commission management campaign, submit the campaign materials will receive 1000 INE rewards, a total of 3 million INE, first come first served!


On December 18th, IntelliShare signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the ASYA Pacific Foundation, Asian Premier Agency, and Power Holdings Corporation (MPPH) in the Philippines. IntelliShare Mesh will be used in the Philippine oil industry and communications industry.


The third world IntelliShare community formation plan is now launched: anyone who is in a third world country or who introduces a person from a third world country to join the IntelliShare community will receive double the original reward; and promote IntelliShare's successful cooperation in a third world country, rewarding 100,000 INE tokens. For more details, please contact IntelliShare Telegram admins.


On January 5-8, 2018, the IntelliShare project team and technical team will travel to the Xiangnian Industrial Park in Nanyang, Henan, China to build an IntelliShare Mesh network system to support the construction of the Xiangnian Group's blockchain network factory. This joint construction, all members of the IntelliShare community can participate and certificate(community members who come to the site, according to the distance can receive 1000-5000 INE tokens subsidies.)


Technical Progress:

The Mesh network equipment is in the proofing test, and the main network TPS internal test is in progress.


Community Activities:

The decentralized Token Economy of the blockchain and the natural distributed Mesh technology will eventually form a highly autonomous community with a common consensus. As of 21:00 on December 2, 2018(GMT +8), the first election management of the IntelliShare China Community Autonomous Committee based on the Orange Book of the IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee was completed. The second management of the IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee is recruiting.


On December 18th, the first management of the IntelliShare China Community Autonomous Committee and the project team and the foundation team conducted the first joint discussion, which officially finalized the first phase of the community development budget fund and community operation plan. The Community Autonomous Committee has obtained 20 million INE Development Funds according to the budget of each branch. The planning of each branch is under intense planning.


Latest Airdrop:


IntelliShare Christmas airdrop has come to an end. Thanks for all participants. You will receive all the rewards in a week. Please stay tuned for our next airdrop event. By the way, our invitation rewards is still on. You can get 20 INE for each referral. Welcome to join us! http://airdrop.intellishare.io/en/registe


P.S: If you have any question, please join our Telegram to ask. Thanks a lot.

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