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IntelliShare Christmas Airdrop

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!IntelliShare Christmas airdrop will begin from 0:00, Dec.25–0:00, Jan.1(UTC/GMT -5). Welcome to join us !


Round 1:


You can get INE rewards for each task:

IntelliShare Twitter: Follow & Retweet our Christmas Airdrop post — 40 INE (you should have min 30 followers)

IntelliShare Facebook: Follow & Share our Christmas Airdrop post & tag 5 friends — 20 INE (you should have min 5 posts)

IntelliShare Youtube: Follow our channel & watch our videos — 30 INE (only the top 500)

IntelliShare Medium: Follow — 20 INE (only the top 500)

IntelliShare Instagram: Follow — 20 INE (you should have min 40 followers)

IntelliShare Telegram: Join — 20 INE (only the top 500)

How to join:


Fill in the registeration form and upload all the screenshots that you follow / share about us. Submit the form.


Round 2:

Guess the INE price(INE/USDT) on EXX trading platform at 0:00 on Jan. 1, 2019(UTC/GMT -5) and comment on the post. (Accurate to 6 decimal places and take the top ten that are the most accurate) We will announce the winners the next day and give 1800 INE rewards per person.

Time: 0:00, December 25, 2018–0:00, January 1, 2019 (UTC/GMT -5)

You will receive all the token reward within 7 days of the end of the event.

If you have any question about this activity, please join our English official Telegram and PM the admin @inekj or @ineok to ask.

Join us

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