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Where can IntelliShare Mesh be applied?

IntelliShare builds a dynamic and constantly expanding network architecture that uses innovative technologies such as multi-frequency mobile networking, anti-attenuation multi-hop, distributed key algorithms, and net pool to create an exclusive mobile wireless LAN for individuals or organizations.

With the extension of the network scenarios and the complete matching of equipments, the IntelliShare Mesh build on the basis of blockchain technology can be used as the complement of existing network, and form the pattern of parallel networks. Its application scenarios can be widely used in wireless customized exclusive LAN, non-network communications, network traffic balance, transportation networks, outdoor sharing economy, node online, AR scenarios, near-field social networking, and urban big data operations, making everything connected to the Internet a reality.


The realizable business form application scenarios can be divided into:

Wireless Customized Exclusive Local Area Network(LAN)


IntelliShare Mesh network can be connected to urban community, school, commercial complex, enterprise and other social organization network systems through fast, flexible and low-cost Mesh configuration equipment, and customize the exclusive wireless LAN to build an intra-regional ecological network.

Especially for organizations with frequent access points, IntelliShare Mesh's flexible configuration and multi-hop architecture technology will effectively help their adjustment and upgrade.


Companies or schools can use IntelliShare Mesh to create a wireless LAN environment that can both perform internal fine-grained management and communication as well as prevent external Internet interference with the organization.

IntelliShare upgrades the interaction mechanism of commercial complexes, urban community advertising, and property management through blockchain + mesh technology. Currently, it has been implemented in the IntelliShare Mesh LAN for networkless communication, networkless distribution, fixed-point delivery, and networkless content release.

Urban Big Data Operation


With the development of science and technology, the construction and management of urban facilities in the future will surely move toward digital and intelligent development. At present, the landing projects for the Internet of Things industry are more about urban infrastructure systems such as traffic monitoring, sewage monitoring, and garbage monitoring.

 IntelliShare Mesh can provide a more convenient, stable, safe, and low-cost wireless underlying network for the "Internet of Things" that consists of sensors and smart devices throughout the city system. It not only assists them in the measurement, monitoring and analysis of the core systems and information infrastructure of the city's operations, but also locks in the real value of the large amount of important data generated.

Network Traffic Balance


At present, people are accustomed to Internet-based Internet life. The NB-IoT and LTE centralized mode adopted by traditional mobile operators make all signals are transmitted to the central server cluster through the base station. However, when the amount of usage is large, it is easy to have network congestion.

IntelliShare Mesh breaks through the limit of the number of devices through its unique net pool technology, that is, the nodes connected to each other do not have corresponding congestion problems as their number increases rapidly, and they keep the network open and multi-hop feature at any time.

Networkless Communication


Around world, there are still many regions in the world that are relatively poor and backward, and 56% (about 4 billion people) do not have access to the Internet. Due to insufficient financial resources, remote geographical position, and too sparse population density, it is impossible to carry out a large amount of telecommunications infrastructure in these areas. The people there are completely in the state of “no network”. 

Compared with the traditional communication mode with high cost, IntelliShare relies on the technical characteristics of the blockchain+Mesh network which only requires low costs to allow users to communicate with each other in a networkless environment, and can also jump into Internet through the node to synchronize with the world.

Similarly,IntelliShare Mesh can be used to solve problems such as wiring difficulties and high installation costs, allowing users to use free and high-speed wireless networks in other outdoor environments, such as some scenic spots that are difficult to reach because of the long distances.

Transportation Networks


IntelliShare builds a stable and unobstructed underlying communication network environment for the car network, which makes each high-speed moving vehicle become a node with multiple frequency networking, anti-attenuation, distributed key algorithm, multi-hope extension and other characteristics. It can promote the vehicle to truly become a mobile communication terminal with intelligent applications, so as to realize the functions of unmanned driving and safe rescue of the vehicle; it can also transmit all traffic information within the urban traffic system, thereby avoiding traffic jams and solving the problem of public parking. This low-cost, even zero-cost, data transmission network will be extended to the global scope and can include areas such as water, air, and ground transportation in the future.

Outdoor Sharing Economy


IntelliShare Mesh network is also ideally suited for use in outdoor shared devices such as Mobike and shared power bank. After the installation of IntelliShare Mesh, these shared devices can realize the zero cost of communication between the devices. This will greatly reduce the operating costs of the sharing economy and provide a low-cost underlying network environment for more common equipment in the future.

Node Online


Industrial IoT requires that nodes must be "always online." Ordinary IoT nodes often need to rejoin the network due to connection failure. This can cause network attacks, consume a lot of network bandwidth resources, and even lead to “network partitions”.

IntelliShare in the field of unmanned factories, the communication mode between robots can be improved from two aspects: On the one hand, each robot has a built-in hardware key. The identity ID derived from the private key enhances the authentication, ensures the security of the communication based on the digital signature, and prevents the proliferation of false information and intrusion of illegal devices.

 On the other hand, IntelliShare Mesh's features such as self-repaired, self-management, multiple frequency networking, anti-attenuation, and balance can ensure the uninterrupted internal communications of unmanned factories, and IoT nodes are always online.

AR Scenario Support


AR (Augmented Reality), an augmented reality technique, is a technique for calculating the location and angle of the camera image and adding the corresponding image, video, and 3D model. The goal of this technology is to put the virtual world in the real world and interact with it on screen, which is with strong sense of substitution.

With the enhancement of CPU computing capability of electronic products, the use of augmented reality technique will become more and more extensive in the future. However, due to the high interaction cost on data transmission and location between men as well as man and substance , it can not be popularized.

The underlying network of IntelliShare Mesh architecture has the characteristics of low cost, anti-attenuation, self-extension, and self-networking, which provides information channel scenes for various AR projects, such as games, military, medical, and so on, so that the AR technology is truly realized, and more people experience the world of the fusion of real environment and virtual objects.

Near-field Social Networking


Close communication between people still depends on voice and body movements whether in elevators, subways, underground parking, or tunnels, and there are many obstacles to communicate closely with acquaintances and strangers.

 IntelliShare can solve people-to-people and face-to-face social issues in the near-field. People can connect with other people to form a mobile LAN, share bandwidth and flow resources, conduct point-to-point data transmission, and complete near-field social networking while ensuring privacy by installing IntelliShare Mesh on mobile phones. This can fill the market gap left by the traditional Internet social platform and solve a variety of social issues arising from face-to-face interactions between people in real life.

Coverage of Mobile Payment


All the IntelliShare equipments are interconnected for common use. From the scope of application, it can be as small as covering a floor, a community; or as large as covering a city, even covering the entire region to realize the wireless IntelliShare communication, and bring better information service and life experience .

More importantly, in the case of widespread node coverage, any single node can easily connect to the WAN through a certain jump. Moreover, these devices themselves can also be the blockchain node to confirm the data, gradually achieve non-blind area mobile payment function.

IoE (IntelliShare Mesh of Everything)


 The Internet of Things, in combination with IntelliShare, builds a self-organized network with distributed transmission functions that can optimize Lora and NB-lot. This not only ensures the security of data, but also allows Internet of Things companies to avoid spending huge sums of money to build their own private networks, saving 80% of the cost of Internet of Things companies.

With the promotion of electronic terminal equipments that have the function of IntelliShare nodes, all IntelliShare smart devices can implement peer-to-peer information transmission, and multiple nodes form a dedicated local area network.

Each dedicated local area network can have high data storage and processing capabilities and bandwidth conditions, with functions such as custom distribution, flow provisioning, subscription division , convenient payment, and mining revenue. This is actually a "super node" in the Internet world.

In this"super node", each terminal node records and locks its own value in the "super node" through the blockchain consensus mechanism, and then through the interconnection between the "super node" and the outside world (directly or indirectly) achieves value locking and exchange. IntelliShare will build a new multi-layered network landscape in smart homes, smart communities, smart cities, and even the entire society.

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