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Core Technology Principles of IntelliShare

In a wireless mesh network, a mesh-type jump based on Ad-Hoc(point-to-point) technology can

realize the idea that any mobile terminal device node acts as an AP (ACCESS POINT) and router at

the same time. Each node in the network can send and receive signals, and each node can

directly communicate with one or more peer nodes. If the flow is too large and a relay node is

congested, the data can be automatically rerouted to a neighboring node with a relatively small

flow to transmit it. By analogy, the data packet can continue to be routed to the next nearest

node for transmission according to the network flow until it reaches the final destination, greatly

reducing the waste of bandwidth. Each node is independent of each other and does not need to

store and transmit data through the central server, thereby reducing the risk of network security

caused by servers-attack.



Simply put, the multi-hop feature of the Mesh network can realize network decentralization, realize network flow distributary in network intensive places, solve network congestion problem, and build an exclusive local area network ecosystem.


IntelliShare Mesh four core technologies

IntelliShare has three software copyrights and two Mesh technology hardware patents in the Mesh network field; it has leading advantages in domestic and foreign peers in Mesh network self-organizez performance and core protocol.


Multiple frequency networking

Each node in the IntelliShare Mesh can use different frequency bands in the post backing and

accessing. The problem of channel interference can be solved by using the unique optimization

algorithm to select the best channel automatically, which improve the network extension and

communication performance.



The signal strength of the traditional Mesh network would decline slowly with the skip of the

number of the nodes. According to our team's data model of Mesh network test at the present

stage, this attenuation rate can be controlled at about 1%.


Distributed key algorithm

The double key confirmation method extended by the concepts of public keyserver and private keyserver. The connection confirmation of the fixed nodes in the underlying protocol link layer formed by the public keyserver and the secondary confirmation formed in the application layer shall be determined by the specific private keyserver. The "double key" model can form the

confirmation of scaled accurate data, and provide a variety of rich and accurate business scenarios and precise business scenarios that face the final customer for the IntelliShare Mesh on

the business level.


Net pool technology

The net pool technology is the core technology of the nodes of the IntelliShare Mesh. The extension features of the nodes of the IntelliShare Mesh can break the quantity limitation of the

equipments, that is the interconnecting equipments between the nodes do not have corresponding connection problems with the increase of the number of nodes, they can maintain

their smooth and multi-hop feature.


The Sucker Theory of Blockchain Mesh Structure


IntelliShare's unique "The Sucker Theory of Blockchain Mesh Structure" :customizes the exclusive LAN through blockchain + Mesh network technology, first forming an exclusive Token Economy in the area, and then solving the trust consensus problem between different local area networks. 

The side chain ecology constructed by the base network confirms, locks, circulates and exchanges values on the public chain. At the same time, the public chain can also distribute content and layout tasks to the side chain, which improves TPS and also cooperates with the interaction between the side chain and the side chain.


IntelliShare distributed ledger system


Features of this technology like decentralization, irreversibility and common accounting are key to realizing the value system of Mesh Internet in closed environments for IntelliShare.


In IntelliShare Ecology, by utilizing the distributed accounting technology , it may help to register

the Mesh Internet nodes offering traffic, conduct the data-matching identification, and make the

node port perform a unique value authentication through time, loss and nodes in fixed proportion and double-check according to the comparison of data-maintenance among nodes to

ensure their accuracy.


IntelliShare SSPT Mesh Protocol

IntelliShare network adopts the self-developed SSPT Mesh protocol, which has the functions of self-connected, self-repaired, self-expandable, self-routed, self-balancing, and etc. 


At the same time, each node has automatic routing function and ledger function, and uses the token reward mechanism to confirm the data interaction and traffic contribution of each node through the blockchain ledger technology.


A large number of terminal devices can be wirelessly automatically connected into a network structure. Each node only communicates with neighboring nodes to form an exclusive customized LAN or access the backbone Internet, and a flexible mobile network can be constructed without a backbone network.



Technical characteristics of the IntelliShare Mesh network


With IntelliShare Mesh network technology, you can build a network environment that is smooth, stable, scalable, large, and low-cost. Similar to the wireless broadband, each node is a switch with a large radiation range, which reduces the construction cost. At the same time, its multi-hop and self-organized features can save data costs.

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