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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Nov. 1st — Nov. 30th


·IntelliShare Shenzhen China Launch Press Conference hosted by IntelliShare, Symbol Digital Asset and Xiha Finance invited hundreds of blockchain industry and investment experts to attend at 14:00 on November 3, Beijing time. 

At 13:30 on November 3, 2018, New York time, the IntelliShare synchronized launch conference was held in Silicon Valley.

At the conference, Raymond Xiong, Founder of IntelliShare announced that INE would be listed on the DeBi trading platform for the first time at the initial price of 0.01CNY at 14:00, November 7, Beijing time.



·IntelliShare launched its first digital asset trading platform (debi.com) at 0.01CNY (≈0.00144USD) at 14:00 on November 7(GMT +8). The INE/ETH transaction is officially opened.

After the launch, the first 7 days are set as the buffer period, and each registered user is limited to buy 10,000 INE. It is hoped that in 7 days, more people will have the opportunity to participate in IntelliShare at low cost.

·On November 10th, IntelliShare held the first offline meetup in Wuhan after the launch on trading platform. In this Wuhan trip, IntelliShare has attracted two more community partners in Central China to create and share consensus.


·In order to let value investors pay attention to and participate in IntelliShare, IntelliShare consultant team, investor team, Token Economy research team, operation team, early partner team, overseas team discussed and launched “IntelliShare Hundredfold Coin Plan”. IntelliShare will take out INE community share of 0.01CNY to the community on DeBi trading platform at 10:00, 16:00, 21:00 (GMT +8) each day from November 9, 2018 to 0:00 A.M. November 14, 2018(GMT +8). The number of deliveries per time is 1,000,000 INE.

·On November 9th, the IntelliShare Community Open Day, the founder of Huoxun Finance, Mr. Long Dian visited the IntelliShare Shenzhen Operation Center, and was hosted by IntelliShare founder Raymond Xiong, co-founder Nicholas Wan and COO Jade Zhang. The two sides had an active cooperation negotiation. And finally estabilished a partnership with Huoxun Finance.


·IntelliShare formally lifted the purchase restriction on DeBi trading platform at 3:30 pm(GMT +8). Within 2 hours of lifting the purchase restriction, INE's highest price increase reached 1170%! Due to the excessive number of users, the server of the trading platform was once blocked and could not be logged in.


·In the voting of the IntelliShare Community Provisional Autonomous Committee's second launch trading platform, EXX (www.exxvip.com) became winner with more than 50% of the community support. INE was listed at a price of 0.036 CNY on EXX trading platform at 15:00 on November 27GMT +8). INE/ETH and INE/USDT trading are available. 

·On November 21st, ONETOP Rating rated IntelliShare as A-grade by analyzing technology, project team, market, and certificate status, with a score of 6.28 and a potential index of 5.32, which is a comprehensive project.


About Airdrop:

·By 19:00 on November 3, 2018(GMT +8), the IntelliShare Early Birds event officially ended! According to the ETH unit price of 1376RMB on November 3, 2018, each of our early bird member who has transfered 0.04 ETH to us, will be given 5504 INE equivalent of 0.04 ETH, plus 10% early bird bonus, that is, all early bird members will receive 6054 INE.

In the airdrop event, members who invitate less than 20 people, his/her invitation rewards will be doubled. For those who invite more than 20 people, the invitation reward will be tripled, and you can apply to become the IntelliShare community holder.  

Multiple invitation rewards deadline: November 13, 2018 24:00(GMT +8).

·From November 14, 2018 to November 30, 2018, members who register on the IntelliShare official airdrop page successfully and display 40 or more invited friends in the background of the personal withdrawl center are invited to become the IntelliShare promotion ambassadors. The second phase of IntelliShare promotion ambassador will be rewarded 4000 INE and IntelliShare exclusive gift package.

Technical Progress:

The IntelliShare technical team is conducting internal testing of the main net. The main net will be open for testing within three months, with 2000 test points. Stay tuned!

Community Activities:

In order to go through the decentralized governance model, IntelliShare is gradually releasing co-creator reward token and is forming a community autonomous committee. The IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee Orange Book has been released.

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