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IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee Management Recruitment

Ten seconds to reach a consensus, about IntelliShare:

IntelliShare is constructing the underlying network protocol ecology based on the blockchain token economy. Generally speaking, IntelliShare enables the Internet, exclusive LAN and blockchain to be integrated at any time to meet different network needs. For the existing global Internet, we are a complement and extension. We call it the distributed network of token economy.

IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee Orange Book

Version 1.0, revised on November 21, 2018

The IntelliShare exclusive regional Autonomous Committee can be established with more than 400 members holding the IntelliShare Luxury Card.

I. Overview

As shown below, in the framework of the entire IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee, according to the different goals of the IntelliShare community development, we will form four branches: Consensus Construction Committee, Application Implementation Committee, Community Expansion Committee, and Supervision Committee. Each branch has two supervisors to assist in the implementation of the affairs of the sub chairman.


II. The management structure of the committee

The hierarchy of the IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee from bottom to top is as follows:

Members: All individuals who have the IntelliShare Luxury Card in the IntelliShare community (Quantity: no limit)

The main responsibility is to participate in the joint construction of the branches and enjoy the right to vote and to recommend. Excellent board members may propose more construction opinions for the branch.

Alternate supervisor: Generated within members (Quantity: 6 for each branch)

Appointed by the sub chairmen during the month of his or her tenure based on membership participation. The main responsibility is to drive members to participate in the joint construction and play a leading role.

Supervisor: From the election of members (Quantity: 2 for each branch, a total of 8. In the formation of the first IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee, in order to make good progress, one of the supervisors of each branch will be served by the IntelliShare project team members. Will not renew in the later period.)

Among the results of the corresponding branch elections, the second and third place serves as supervisors. The main responsibilities are to supervise and assist the sub chairmen to advance the progress of the committee and to play a role in mutual management and mutual encouragement.

Sub chairman: From the election of members (Quantity: 4)

Among the results of the corresponding branch elections, the first place serves as sub chairman. Be responsible for all matters of the branch, such as setting performance appraisal goals, urging members and supervising the project team to achieve the goals and promote the development of the branch.

Chairman: From the election of Sub Chairmen (Quantity: 1)

Elected by four sub chairmen. The main responsibility is to promote the orderly development of the IntelliShare Autonomous Committee, participate in the major decision-making and deliberation of the IntelliShare Foundation and the IntelliShare operation team, and promote the progress of its own branch. Have the decision-making voting rights of the IntelliShare Autonomous Commission and the right to issue INE rewards.

Chairman re-election rules:

During the two-month tenure, if the incumbent Chairman has achieved excellent performance goals and made significant contributions to the IntelliShare community, he/she may apply for re-election (the first phase of the Supervisor, who is a member of the IntelliShare project team, reviews and develops the audit rules. Later, this work will be handed over to the renewed Supervisor). After the vote of the members, the appointment of the next Chairman will be increased to four months. After re-electing as the president, the Sub Chairmen and the Supervisors will be re-elected by the Chairman. If no Chairman is re-elected, all members will vote again.

III. The election method

Election conditions: All members are eligible to participate in the election of the supervisor, the sub chairman, and the chairman. That is, according to personal strengths and hobbies, directly participate in the election of the four sub chairmen and the supervisors.

Election rules: Each person can only sign up for a branch management staff, and then vote in the election of members of the IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee. The highest number of candidates will be elected as the sub chairman, the second and third parties will become the supervisors. After the sub chairmen are determined, the chairman will be re-elected from the four sub chairmen.

Tenure: Each chairman, sub chairman, supervisor, and alternate supervisor is appointed for two months. A new round of voting and elections begins every two months.

IV. The reward mechanism

According to the IntelliShare white paper, 986 million of the total issued INE, of which 30% of the total, that is, a total of 295.8 million community feedback rewards, will be issued in five years. 10% in the first year, that is, 98.6 million, 5% in the second to fifth years. Community feedback rewards are incentives for community co-constructor wages, community member activity expenses, behavior mining, technology development, etc.

For each member who participates in the IntelliShare consensus constructing and sharing, the IntelliShare team will use part of the community consensus share as a working capital for the IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee to reward Token for IntelliShare community contributors. In the initial community development, we will issue monthly rewards for all management members of the IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee. Details are as follows:

Chairman: 10000 INE per month

Sub chairman: 8000 INE per month

Supervisor: 4000 INE per month

Alternate supervisor: 3000 INE per month

Members reward: Floating rewards according to behaviorl mining

(The incentive policy for behavior mining can be changed and formulated by the management of the committee and passed by the sponsoring member.)

Members' behavior mining rewards are verified by the respective sub chairmen, reviewed by the supervisors and then submit to IntelliShare official customer service for confirmation and issuance.

V. Performance rating

Each branch has different responsibilities and different target ratings. It is specially formulated by different branches to initiate a member vote after applying to the chairman.

Consensus Construction Committee: Working with the IntelliShare team to promote IntelliShare value building in the community. Through technical seminars and community development concepts, encourage all members to maintain and build a channel for INE appreciation.

Application Implementation Committee: Work with the IntelliShare team to drive the application of the IntelliShare Mesh network and expand the possibilities for implementation.

Community Expansion Committee: Develop relevant community expansion plans to promote the development of the IntelliShare community and build a global consensus.

Supervision Committee: Constantly develop and optimize various rules and systems of the community to ensure the fairness of participation, and supervise and examine the details to form a monthly monitoring report.

According to the responsibilities of each branch, all members will perform the rating according to the completion degree of the work. The specific performance rating plan will be completed and will be publicized later. Applicants with higher performance ratings may apply for an increase in Token rewards, and community members vote to determine the number of rewards, up to 300%. If the management personnel of the committee do not respect the community rules and reach the unqualified rating during the tenure of the committee, all members can vote for the resolution of the members of the committee by contributing INE. If more than seven people agree and contribute INE, the impeachment procedure can be officially started. Supporting the cancellation of more than 51% of the total number of votes will take effect and will be replaced by the alternate supervisor. If the impeachment is successful, the sponsor and its supporters can receive the INE reward; if the impeachment fails, the INE contributed by the sponsor and its supporters will be compensated to the impeached person.


1. If there is any objection to any of the above rules, the management members may initiate a voting decision in the IntelliShare Community Autonomous Committee after the application for change.

2. IntelliShare Official Website:  http://www.intellishare.io

3. IntelliShare White Paper: http://intellishare.io/data/upload/file/201811/1046ba5af17572d763bcacf4fa895d5d.pdf



IntelliShare Team

November 21, 2018

Deadline for registration: 22:00, November 27, 2018 (GMT +8)

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