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Review-Salute the Essence of the Blockchain: IntelliShare Shenzhen Silicon Valley Synchronous Launch Press Conference Was A Great Success

Ten seconds to reach a consensus, about IntelliShare:


IntelliShare is constructing the underlying network protocol ecology based on the blockchain token economy. Generally speaking, IntelliShare enables the Internet, exclusive LAN and blockchain to be integrated at any time to meet different network needs. For the existing global Internet, we are a complement and extension. We call it the distributed network of token economy.

IntelliShare Launch Press Conference Was A Great Success

On November 3rd, IntelliShare held the first digital asset trading platform (debi.com) launch conference at the Langham Hotel in Shenzhen, which was a complete success!


IntelliShare team with some guests

The Internet world consists of three major components: computing power, storage, and networking.

Under the trend of decentralization, computing power and storage have attracted a lot of attention, and decentralized networks are sproutingup. IntelliShare believes that decentralized and wireless networks are the trend of the future Internet, and the opportunities are far greater than challenge. It is the value and mission of Mesh to explore the possibility of implementing application scenarios in the world of distributed networks, and it is also IntelliShares  responsibility. IntelliShare prepared for a year, and finally won the highest voting support number of 164 million+ in the history of  DeBi digital asset trading platform . Finally, IntelliShare launched on DeBi trading platform at 14:00 on November 7th(GMT +8)!


 Mr. Zong Hua, investor of Himalayan Asset


Mr. Zhang Xiang, Founder of ONETOP Rating


Mr. Fu Dekun, the early Chinese community donor of Ethereum


Kevin Zhu, Technical Director of DefangTechnology


Mr. Long Dian, Founder of Huoxun.com


Mr. Gao Wanlong, Director of Jianronghe Investment


Dr. Cai Lin, Secretary General of Mesh Network Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Associatio


Mr. Hua Chen, Director of Operations of MOAC China


Mr. Cai Zhichuan, Chairman of Asian Blockchain Association

IntelliShare Shenzhen Launch Press Conference hosted by IntelliShare, Symbol Digital Asset and Xiha Finance invited hundreds of blockchain industry and investment experts to attend. 

Conference process

At the conference, the technical logic, main net progress, application scenarios, community development, consensus values, and future planning of IntelliShare were fully explained.

I. Project founder, CEO & CTO Raymond Xiong: Future prospect of IntelliShare

II. Mr. Fu Dekun, the founding partner of Red 13 Capital : Token Economy model of IntelliShare

III. Project COO Jade Zhang: Community self-organizing operation under the Token Economy

Ⅳ. Sharing guests: Sum Tim Capital - Mr. Xie Sentian, Symbol Digital Asset  - Mr. Wu Weilong

Ⅴ. Officially launch

Ray: In the decentralized world, the Mesh+ blockchain is the last step


Ray shared his viewsat theconference

The IntelliShare Mesh network is a solution based on the blockchain-based Token Economy + wireless network. It will catalyze the coming of the next GMN (Global Mesh Network) era.

One of the biggest advantages of IntelliShare Mesh is that it can be set anytime and anywhere. In less than half an hour before the conference, Ray perfectly set up two wireless Mesh monitoring devices that can monitor the entire site. This equipment was used for the exclusive field network technical support of the Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit and the off-site real-time control service of the World Professional Muay Thai Competition.


Ray was interviewed by Xiha Finance

The technical philosophy of IntelliShare Mesh is:

Committed to building a blockchain combined with Mesh network technology development, and implementing Mesh network data communication architecture on the link layer. Through the joining and sharing of each node of the smart device, the maintenance, repair and expansion of the automation is formed. Moreover, all the smart devices can realize data interconnection and platform sharing without accessing an external network (Internet).


Inspired by Mr. Fu, IntelliShare Mesh created the Octopus blockchain Mesh network ecological structure based on STBS (The Sucker Theory of Blockchain Mesh Structure), and customized the exclusive LAN through the blockchain + Mesh network technology. First, form an exclusive ecological Token Economy form in the region, and then resolve the issue of trust consensus between different local area networks.

Mr. Fu said: The final focus of the blockchain is data size and data processing capabilities.

The point-to-face IntelliShare erection model has realistic groundability, and this automatically extended architecture is highly adaptable to different application scenarios.


Mr. Fu Dekun and Mr. Wu Weilong

Why are the application scenarios of IntelliShare can be implement?

Because IntelliShare Mesh has never been to suddenly change a complete network environment or even a big ecology. The first thing it builds may be a very small LAN ecosystem. This scenario can be specific to a school, a factory, a hotel, etc. This kind of cooperation and landing has never stopped, such as IntelliShare and the Shawei community in Shenzhen. There is even a community member living on the Yangtze River Island asking if it is possible to set up IntelliShare Mesh on the island to save network installation costs.

Jade: 25% high conversion community self-organizing operations


Jade shared his views at the conference

Jade said that the biggest difference between the operation of the blockchain and the operation of the entire Internet is the value consensus.

The form of community autonomy is the largest form of externalization of value consensus. This is inspired by the Bitcoin community. The original founding team of Bitcoin no longer exists, leaving behind only a group of people with a consensus to jointly govern this community. This is the result of optimization and is the goal of the IntelliShare community.


Jade was interviewed by Xiha Finance

Jade: The operation of the blockchain is not a user relationship, but an alliance!

This allies may be staff, investors, managers, consultants, community members, etc. with IntelliShare. People who do their best in this community and who are united by this consensus must be the most solid ally.

Based on this concept, Jade has created the IntelliShare community behavior mining gameplay, which divides the reward level by behavior level, and distributes 30% of the community rewards in 5 years. The first year: 10%, the second to the fifth year: each 5 %.

Investment advisory team: The biggest capital attraction is IntelliShare's hidden "belief difference"


Mr. Xie Sentian shared his views at the conference

Sum Tim Capital and Symbol Digital Asset are the cornerstone investors of IntelliShare. In the sharing of Mr. Xie Sentian and Mr. Wu Weilong, their affirmation of the IntelliShare value consensus far exceeds the market.

Mr. Wu Weilong said: Investment is the realization of cognition. This cognition includes cognition of team and project situation.


Mr. Wu Weilong shared his views at the conference

Under the technical guidance of Dr. Zhu, the top Mesh technology expert in China, IntelliShare has six software copyrights and two Mesh technology hardware patents. Mesh self-organizing network technology combined with the incentive mechanism of the Token Economy can form a massive network nodes, and finally realize a wireless ecological Token Economy network form.

In this consensus, IntelliShare's investment advisory team, Token Economy research team, IntelliShare Mesh technical team, early community partners, market operations team, and overseas  teams are more convinced of the project's future prospects, and IntelliShare will achieve the greatest success".

Official launch----Salute the essence of the Blockchain to reach more consensuses

In the final session, IntelliShare founder, CEO & CTO Ray announced the launch time and price of INE:  At 14:00 on November 7, 2018(GMT +8), we make the first 7 days as the buffer period after INE launching on the trading platform(debi.com) at 0.01 CNY(≈0.00144 USD). Each registered user is limited to buy 10,000 INE and release the purchase restriction after seven days. IntelliShare will return a 10% bonus to the early bird members.


Technical team, operation team, investment advisor team (partial)

The essence of the Blockchain is the consensus co-construction, that is, "consensus is value."  When Bitcoin came out, it was worthless. More than a year later, there was a story of 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza worth $25. And Bitcoin began to have value, which was $0.0025, the value of the bitcoin consensus at the time! The price of the earliest donation of Ethereum was only a few cents. The value of Bitcoin and Ethereum today is reflected in the round after round of collective consensus among participants.

The total amount of INE is 968 million. The cornerstone investment institution gave it a valuation of nearly 200 million CNY(≈28,888,375.3178USD). But we finally decided to launch with 1 cent(≈0.00144USD) , 20 times the self-depreciation.

The reason why we set the initial price of INE so low is that we hope to return the pricing power to all participants who agree with IntelliShare. The participation of any fan, whether he only puts in a tiny amount of fund, or makes suggestions for its development, or spreads its ideas, is a consensus on IntelliShare.  In this way, the value of IntelliShare will gradually emerge. For us, we will always adhere a humble heart and keep on carrying different application scenarios out step by step.

IntelliShare synchronized launch conference in Silicon Valley 

At 13:30 on November 3, 2018, New York time, the IntelliShare synchronized launch conference was held in Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley launuch conference was organized by IntelliShare Silicon Valley team and IntelliShareLab, and was co-organized by our partner The Den. Edgar Lei, director of IntelliShareLab, is Master of Computer Science at University at Buffalo, the State University of New York(UB). He participated in the establishment of the US financial company GMBP Capital to build the Fintech system. He serves as Senior Software Engineer to design and develop cloud data system at Tesla America Silicon Valley Corporation responsible for the design and development of cloud data systems. He has more than ten years of experience in software development for IT companies in the United States. He is also included in the list of technical supporters at the ThinkLab Blockchain Lab at UB.


Edgar Lei


IntelliShare launch press conference in Silicon Valley


IntelliShare launch press conference in Silicon Valley

IntelliShare announced its technical logic, main-net progress, application scenarios, community development, consensus values, and future plans at the conference letting more people from different region and different economic forms establish a network ecological environment that is shared and built by all, and continuously reach a broader value consensus.

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