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A Letter to IntelliShare Community Members

On November 3, 2018, IntelliShare synchronous press conference in Shenzhen and Silicon Valley- INE officially launched!

At the conference, the technical logic, main net progress, application scenarios, community development, consensus values, and future planning of IntelliShare were fully explained. And announced that the 968 million total INE will be listed on the first trading platform (debi.com) at 14:00 on November 7, 2018, the initial price is set at 0.01CNY(≈0.00144USD).



The decision to launch at the price of 0.01CNY(≈0.00144USD) is a consensus reached after repeated discussions by the IntelliShare consultant team, the investor team, the Token Economy research team, the operations team, and the early partner team. There are too much thinking and expectations behind this consensus.



So next, with this somewhat shocking, unintelligible, unclear, or even puzzled announcement, we sincerely voice each community fan from bottom of our heart: 



Why does INE which you have highly expected launch at such a low price?


Salute the essence of the Blockchain to reach more consensuses

The essence of the Blockchain is the consensus co-construction, that is, "consensus is value."  When Bitcoin came out, it was worthless. More than a year later, there was a story of 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza worth $25. And Bitcoin began to have value, which was $0.0025, the value of the bitcoin consensus at the time! The price of the earliest donation of Ethereum was only a few cents. The value of Bitcoin and Ethereum today is reflected in the round after round of collective consensus among participants.



The reason why we set the initial price of INE so low is that we hope to return the pricing power to all participants who agree with IntelliShare. The participation of any fan, whether he only puts in a tiny amount of fund, or makes suggestions for its development, or spreads its ideas, is a consensus on IntelliShare.  In this way, the value of IntelliShare will gradually emerge. For us, we will always adhere a humble heart and keep on carrying different application scenarios out step by step.



Self-depreciating the cost of cornerstone investment 20 times to win more allies

The total amount of INE is 968 million. The cornerstone investment institution gave it a valuation of nearly 200 million CNY(≈28,888,375.3178USD). But we finally decided to launch with 1 cent(≈0.00144USD) , 20 times the self-depreciation. In our opinion, INEs launch on trading platform is only the beginning. It does not need to be priced by us, including investment institutions. The reason why institutions invest in INE is not because of the initial price, but because of the long-term prospect. Similarly, most fans holding INE is not due to the temporary price but to the long-term prospect too. Thus, the initial price is not that important. Moreover, without any PE and ICO, there are no investment-level price differences for INE , and naturally there are no pressures to maintain market value. The more people can participate in IntelliShare at low cost, the more people can become our allies; the more people can help IntelliShare, the more people can fulfill the future of dreams faster.



Determined to be the leader of the new track

The Blockchain world may not need a second BTC, but a new INE indeed. The last piece of the decentralized world is the decentralized distributed network. Opening this new track is the mission of IntelliShare! On this new track, IntelliShare, which combines Mesh network with blockchain technology, is dedicated to implementing applications scenarios. Launch at a lower price allows the early entrants are no longer to focus on the price, so that they can build and move forward without any distractions, and reach the consensus for greater value in the future. This is the dual drive of motivation and dream, and surely more powerful.



Continue to promote technologies and applications

At this conference, we announced the plan for testing the main net. After the conference, the technical team will go to the areas where the applications can be implemented, and eventually set up Mesh ecological factories, Mesh ecological communities, Mesh ecological scenic spots, Mesh ecological Internet of things and so on, respectively. In the near future, you will gradually see the Blockchain + Mesh's INE ecosystem being applied in various application scenarios.



After 1 cent(≈0.00144USD) launching on the trading platform, the buffer period is 7 days. The invitation bonus is doubled until the end of the buffer period.

At 14:00 on November 7, 2018, we make the first 7 days as the buffer period after INE launching on the trading platform(debi.com) at 1 cent(≈0.00144USD). Each registered user is limited to buy 10,000 INE. The intention is to let more people have the opportunity to participate in IntelliShare at low cost within 7 days. At the same time, the policies of the official website airdrop and double invitation rewards will be retained until 24:00 on November 13, 2018. When you are sure to withdraw, you will see a double INE rewards at the To be rewarded of the official website withdrawal center. The purpose of this move is to hope that community members can pass on the value to more friends around them, let them to understand and join IntelliShare at the earliest time. This can be a kind of welfare.




The essence of wealth differences is the belief differences and time differences.

Simple, fair, and exploration!

IntelliShare is sincerely looking forward to your long-term companionship, building consensus together, creating a win-win situation, and sharing the dividends that the era has given us!





Best Wishes,

All members of the IntelliShare team

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