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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Oct. 1st  —  Oct. 31th



From October 9th to 10th, IntelliShare-COO Jade and his operation team were invited to “Lianzhan Global Maritime Election Northwest Station And UB Digital Asset Exchange Conference” in Xi’an, China , discussing the future development with several blockchain projects and sharing IntelliShare's decentralized distributed and exclusive ecological network which have attracted much attention.




On October 12th, IntelliShare and Tencent, Huawei, Weizhong Bank and other blockchain enterprises participated in the blockchain industry development symposium organized by Shenzhen Municipal Government.


On October 18th, IntelliShare airdrop early bird program was in a small-scale promotion in Chinese Communities. On October 20th, the airdrop early bird program was fully launched in China.Thousands of Ethereum wallet addresses have been collected within 24 hours after the launch. Airdrop event were opened in overseas regions on October 23.


IntelliShare won the token listing vote on DeBi trading platform with the highest number of votes of 160 million in the history. INE will be launched on the first digital asset trading platform DeBi, and the launch time will be announced on the day of the November 3rd launch press conference.


On October 24th, Jade and his operation team were invited by Ene Finance to participate the “Straight to Silicon Valley – Blockchain Exploration Road Theme Salon” in Beijing, and discussed the difference between Beijing and Silicon Valley in the development of blockchain, and the frontier and new direction of the development of blockchain in Silicon Valley with many blockchain experts.


On October 26th, Ray, the founder of IntelliShare, was invited to attend the "First Token Entity Consensus Conference - Business Ecology Conference" .Ray gave a 40-minute speech as the theme sharing guest, and attracted a lot of attention from the participants with a new perspective on how the blockchain Token Economy model can enrich the real economy and apply it to the public!


On November 3rd, IntelliShare launch conference was held in Shenzhen and Silicon Valley. Lot’s of guest were invited to this conference expressing their future views and unique insights and ideas on the distributed network. IntelliShare demonstrated the progress and future layout of the distributed network and announced to open full-scale cooperation.


Technology Progress:

The IntelliShare technical team continues to improve the PoSS (Proof of Stack & Service) algorithm architecture. IntelliShare's first non-networking social software with Mesh structure has been developed, and the API interface configuration and the Android and IOS interfaces are being optimized. Stay tuned!


Community Activities:

On October 13th, the IntelliShare Community Open Day, COO Jade introduced the project profile, development process, technology application, community, etc. to the fans who came to visit, and said that the latest plan of the operation team is the airdrop event and the Chinese community tour meeting.



On October 19th, IntelliShare Community Open Day, important nodes, group holders, and cooperative media came to visit the Shenzhen headquarters to learn about the details of the airdrop early bird program , the INE launch plan and the next community operation arrangement. 


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