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IntelliShare Is About To Be Listed On Trading Platform, the Timeline Is As Follows  

October 16

The member promotion system is launched, the cooperative community leaders, group owners, city nodes, lecturers, and cooperation media are given priority registration. And they are given priority to promote in other locations of the unofficial IntelliShare Telegram groups for 2 days;


October 18

The official IntelliShare Telegram group released the airdrop membership system online announcement, and the IntelliShare Telegram community fans registered in priority to obtain airdrop and promotion rights;


October 19

Official website, official Weibo, overseas communities, and Chinese communities announced on the whole line. Community fans are given priority to register and obtain airdrop and promotion rights;


October 22

IntelliShare conducts online voting on the cooperative trading platform, and community fans participate in the voter to obtain behavioral mining rewards;


October 25

IntelliShare completes the on-line voting of the cooperative trading platform and determines the exact time of the online trading platform;


October 26

Open a welfare plan for active fans in the IntelliShare communities to help the communities’ active fans maximize their revenue;


October 27

IntelliShare and Xiha Finance held an online launch conference, and it is expected that 60 media will be present to launch a three-day media announcement.


October 30

IntelliShare early bird member channel is closed. Open the member Token rewards withdrawal channel, review member data and account for promotion and early bird rewards;


October 31 - November 10

Will be online in one of these days, stay tuned.


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