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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Sept. 1st  —  Sept. 30th


On September 9th, IntelliShare technical team went to Changsha, Hunan Province to provide an off-site instant control service for the World Professional Muay Thai Competition held in the evening. The major media real-time broadcast, and the atmosphere of the stadium was extremely enthusiastic.


On September 14th, IntelliShare as one of the sharing project parties, shared innovative application landing cases at the AI Big Data + Blockchain Industry Transformation Summit explaining the values created by IntelliShare and the opportunities brought by the industry transformation at the underlying network.

On September 21st, IntelliShare Joint Symbol Digital Asset held a closed door blockchain investment salon in Shenzhen. Founder, Ray as the keynote speaker shared the application scenarios and landing processed of the IntelliShare Mesh network which won the favor of many investors at the scene.


On September 27th, IntelliShare Founder Ray and CFO Nicholas were invited to participate in the 2018 Hurun Report Innovation Era - Xiha Finance VC Investment Summit discussing the development track and investment trends of various emerging industries with the other participants.


Community Activities

On September 1st, IntelliShare as one of the project parties was invited to attend the "Blockchain Development Trend + Ecological Application Forum Salon" hosted by Letru. IntelliShare Co-founder & CFO Nicholas Wan shared the project overview, technical patents and application landings while COO Jade Zhang shared the value concept of community construction and community operation to the participants.


On September 9th, IntelliShare Global Touring Meeting - Central China Station was successfully held in Changsha, Hunan Province. At this meeting, we were honored to invite Ms. Liu Xiaoai, the chairman of the partner Dianzan Technology.



IntelliShare cooperates with Zhongke Huichen, and the development of Mesh + IPFS mining machine is completed, which will be a perfect combination of distributed network and distributed storage !

IntelliShare technical team continues to optimize and develop the PoSS (Proof of Stack & Service) algorithm structure. IntelliShare's first networkless social software with Mesh structure has been developed, and the API interface configuration is being optimized. It will be online in mid-October. Stay tuned!


IntelliShare airdrop are coming online, please join our official Telegram group for the latest airdrop information. Stay tuned!

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