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World Professional Muay Thai Championship in Changsha and IntelliShare Central China Station Meet-Up Were a Great Success

Muay Thai Competition Scene

On September 9, 2018, the World Professional Muay Thai Competition jointly sponsored by the China Communications Industry Association Mesh Network Professional Committee, Shenzhen Qianhai Zhixiang Technology Co., Ltd., Deyang Hong Yidian Technology Co., Ltd. and so on was held in Changsha City, Hunan Province.


World Professional Muay Thai Competition scene


IntelliShare COO, Jade Zhang(L-3) and Muay Thai competitors

This World Professional Muay Thai Competition was fierce, with a total of seven games.

Muay Thai competitors were as following:
1. Wanchalerm Aramchai (Thailand) VS Mathues Peraira (Brazil)
2. Malon Santos (Brazil) VS Timur UULU (Kygyz Republic)
3. Mike Vetrila (Russia) VS Kary Allen (USA)
4. Mongkhon Artwichian (Thailand) VS David Jacauna (Brazil)
5. Rungnapa Promote (Thailand) VS Maisha Katz (Germany-Spain)

As one of the sponsors of the competition, IntelliShare provided an off-site network instant control service.


Jade is debugging IntelliShare Mesh equipment

IntelliShare Founder and CEO, Ray Xiong also served as the vice president of the China Communications Industry Association Mesh Network Professional Committee as the awarding guest.


Ray as a guest to award the winner


IntelliShare CFO Nicholas Wan(L-2), CEO Ray Xiong(L-3), Chairman of Dianzan Technology Ms. Liu Xiaoai(L-4) and Muay Thai Competitors


IntelliShare Off-Line Meet-Up

IntelliShare was very happy to invite many community fans to watch the Muay Thai in Changsha. On the afternoon of September 9th, the “IntelliShare Central China Station Off-Line Meet-Up”was held in Changsha. There were many fans from Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, Hubei Province and Jiangxi Province, as well as many local fans in Changsha.


Meet-up in Changsha

During the meeting, IntelliShare CFO Nicholas Wan, COO Jade Zhang gave a speech and presented INE Token and World Professional Muay Thai tickets to the fans who were very excited. We were also fortunate to invite Ms. Liu Xiaoai, Chairman of Dianzan Technology, and Mr. Zou Guojun, Partner of IntelliShare Changsha community, to participate in this community meet-up.


CFO, Nicholas Wan


COO, Jade Zhang


Chairman of Dianzan Technology, Ms. Liu Xiaoai


Partner of IntelliShare Changsha community, Mr. Zou Guojun

A lot of fans present participated in the last “World Dream Cruise Meet-Up” and said that following IntelliShare project can really appreciate the charm of the blockchain, especially the “behavior mining” which rewards for your contribution to the community pioneered by IntelliShare Community.


Advancing the project process and community development have always been the focus of IntelliShare team. What makes us proud is that we can bring more benefits and experiences to community fans in our progress.

This IntelliShare Community Central China Station Meet-up and World Professional Muay Thai Competition event were over. Whether it is a community member or an IntelliShare team member, everyone has gained a lot.

IntelliShare community behavior mining activities are ongoing. Please keep an eye on IntelliShare’s official social media and join us!

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