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IntelliShare Monthly Update: Aug. 1st - Aug. 31st


· Kai Lei(Edgar), Director of IntelliShare's Silicon Valley Lab, is listed on the technical support list of the UB Blockchian ThinkLab at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York.


· IntelliShare and Dianzan Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched Mesh technology + wireless charging technology products to complete the electronic motherboard transformation, mass production preparation is actively planning.

· IntelliShare and Fujian Zhongke Huichen Information Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched the IPFS+MESH technology concept mining machine, which has entered the substantive planning stage.

· On August 8th, Ray, the founder of IntelliShare, met with the head of Yinxing Capital and Qifu Capital at our Shenzhen headquarters in Shenzhen Free Trade Center. Ray gave a general explanation on the characteristics, commercial applications and latest developments of IntelliShare Mesh network and won the two parties’s approval and intention to negotiate follow-up investment cooperation.

· Bina Ramamurthy, Director of UB Blockchian ThinkLab, also a Technical Advisor of IntelliShare, visited IntelliShare Silicon Valley Lab and conducted in-depth Mesh technology discussions with Edgar Lei, Director of IntelliShare Silicon Valley Lab.



· IntelliShare hopes to guide everyone to build a healthy and civilized community, so it has created a new way to build a community---behaviour mining. Assign Tokens based on contributions. In accordance with the rules of more pay for more work, instant feedback, and timely incentive, relying on the Token economy to build a community, let each participant feels the charm of behavior mining.


· IntelliShares community APP and DAPP development are being tested and will soon be online. Stay tuned!

Community activities:

· On August 3rd, IntelliShare held the ninth offline salon activity. At the salon, the COO Jade Zhang shared his original "4321 Gold Investment Ratio " rule in the blockchain field.


· On August 11th, IntelliShare and Gaorong Technology and Qingshui Rating jointly held the blockchain offline salon activity. At the Salon, the COO, Jade first proposed community behavior mining, which caused a lively response.

· On August 17th, IntelliShare's Community Open Day. The COO, Jade gave a lecture on project overview, value investment, behavior mining, etc. 


· On August 25th, IntelliShares Community Open Day, we held a blockchain offline salon activity at the Shenzhen headquarters. The COO, Jade gave participants an overview of the project, behavior mining and community recruitment. 

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