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What Is IntelliShare's Community Behavior Mining?

What is the Token economy?

The technology represented by computer technology in today's world has greatly promoted the development of social productivity. In the past few hundred years, science and technology has mainly focused on solving the problem of productivity. While productivity is constantly developing, it often leads to the transformation of production relations, but the effect is often not obvious.

Although in the 21st century, the production relationship between  employers and employees is almost the same as that of a thousand years ago. The society is very eager to reshape the technology of production relations. Finally, blockchain technology comes into being.

How to give blockchain organization motivation from the incentive system?

The existing blockchain ecology provides such an incentive model - Token.


Token is a circulating encrypted digital asset and proof of equity. Various rights and asset certificates (equity, bonds, points, notes, etc.) in the world today can be expressed in the form of Token.


It is the collection of equity attributes (value added, long-term gains, large appreciation space), property rights (representing use rights, deliverable product or service.) and currency attributes (circulating, at least in the ecosystem is hard currency) .The distribution and circulation of Token will provide endogenous motivation for organizational development.


As an organization's value-allocation element, Token will play a role in guiding members to work creatively, collaborate to overcome technical difficulties, and quickly analyze market changes.


Establishing Token as the basic incentive unit and community contribution-oriented Token incentive mechanism is of great significance to the community in the information age.

What is the greater significance of Token?

For blockchain organization and ecology, Token is not only a tool or trading medium for economic incentives, but more importantly, Token can promote the self-formation, self-development, self-operation and self-improvement of the blockchain organizational structure ecosystem. It is called the blood of the blockchain.


Like oil in the industrial age, Token provides a source of power for the entire blockchain community and serves as a symbol of the community's ecological hard currency.


Therefore, the rational design of a well-functioning Token incentive system will be the key to the successful transformation of the organizational structure and management model of the community.


Existing community building problems


At present, many project parties are chaotic when doing community construction projects, which seriously undermines the reputation of the blockchain. Such community construction not only violates the initial focus of the blockchain decentralization, but even on the edge of the law, it has hurt many innocent investors and community fans.


Many people have questions: Can the blockchain community be trusted? Can it develop positively?


Let community construction return to what it should be


Let everyone's behavior in the community be well-founded, let community members legally carry out various development cooperation, technology exchange, popular science learning, social activities, games, voting and other community activities, to eliminate the bad atmosphere of the community and promote the new civilization of the community.

IntelliShare proposes that members of the community must have consistent values:

First, members must recognize that blockchain technology can change the world;


Second, recognize the development philosophy of IntelliShare.


How many kinds of behavior mining does IntelliShare have?

IntelliShare community currently has six categories of people:


They are spiritual leaders, technical geeks,  node managers, IntelliShare network users, investors (institutions and individuals), and IntelliShare followers. Six types of people interact to promote the positive development of the community, and constantly encourage community members to gather together for a long time to innovate and start a business. The motivation is Token.


Behavior Mining


Technical geeks

Development mining


IntelliShare network users

Consumption mining


Institutions and individuals

Trading mining


spiritual leaders, IntelliShare followers

Propagation mining


Node managers

 Management mining



They are generally technical geeks. For example, the technical geeks represented by Ray, the founder of IntelliShare (Silicon Valley Technology expert), will continue to improve the fusion technology between blockchain technology and Mesh network. The Token is obtained using the improved PoSS (Proof of Stack & Service) consensus mechanism.




They are generally the users of the IntelliShare network. As the application of IntelliShare reaches a larger and larger scope, IntelliShare network will be used in near-field traffic balance by more scenes and more people, and the early consumption behavior itself will receive the corresponding Token reward.



Including investors or institutions, these investment entities participate in the transaction of the token back at the exchange.




Mainly spiritual leaders and followers, including communication groups on social software such as WeChat group and Telegram group, get tokens after completing the corresponding publicity tasks.




Including the owners of each Mesh node, they participate in the formation of the IntelliShare network, which is equivalent to the “miner” of IntelliShare.  The corresponding tokens are rewarded for providing services to others through the operation and management of the nodes.


Why does IntelliShare create behavior mining?


IntelliShare hopes to guide everyone to build a healthy and civilized community, so it has created a new way to build a community---behaviour mining.


Assign Tokens based on contributions. In accordance with the rules of more pay for more work, instant feedback, and timely incentive, relying on the Token economy to build a community, let each participant feels the charm of behavior mining.

Why is the community rule of behavior mining pioneered by IntelliShare?


Because IntelliShare combines the application technology of distributed network with the Token economic principle of blockchain. It is practiced in many scenes, and behavior mining is one of the typical representative rules of Token economy.


Based on our understanding of Token's economy, promoting behavioral mining in the community is also our practice. Based on this practice, we propose a new concept and rules for community building.

This new set of ideas and rules may become the vane and basic rules for the construction of all blockchain communities in the future, and thus continue to improve.



What is the behavior mining?


With the development of IntelliShare, behavior mining will cover various aspects such as propaganda, technology development, and node management. The current mining behavior mainly focuses on propaganda mining task reward.


What is the current mining task of IntelliShare?


They are: organizing exclusive groups, providing promotional resources, introducing IntelliShare to seniors, organizing seminars, participating in activities on behalf of IntelliShare, and implanting IntelliShare projects when writing articles.


From Behavior Level 1 to Behavior Level 5,  every online and offline behavior that promotes community development can be registered with the project customer service to provide a photo or screenshot of the proof of behavior.


The project customer service will record your behavior and reward the Token according to the rating. At the same time, each reward will be announced to other people in the community. All community members join the supervision and build a consensus on incentives.

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