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IntelliShare Monthly Update — April 20th-June 5th

Greetings Community

This is the first edition of a monthly development report of us which will be posted on the last day of every month. The goal of this series is to summarize what we have been up to recently, giving you some infomation about our current developments and activities.

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Attended the 45x45 Future Star Entrepreneur Summit in Shenzhen on April 25th.

Hurun Report Visited IntelliShare on April 27th.

Attended the Blockchain Without Borders Summit 2018 o in New York on May 12th.

Ray, CEO of IntelliShare was interviewed by XIHA Finance on May 17th.

Community Activities

April 23 — The first phase of salon: Co-founder of Red 13 Capital, founder of Sum Tim Investment Management, investment director of Shenzhen Construction Fusion Group, co-founder of BridgeLink Capital and many other investment agency representatives and investors attended.

May 22 — The second phase of salon: Blockchain Pizza Day, many blockchain experts and enthusiasts attended.

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