• Raymond Xiong

    Founder, CEO & CTO

    Master Degree of Computer Science at California State University,East Bay. Former Sky IT Support Senior Advisor, Los Angeles Area. He has worked on data acquisition, processing system development and algorithm research in the United States for more


  • Wanlong Gao

    Investor / Capital Manager

    ​Investment director of Shenzhen Construction Fusion Group.Former deputy general manager of Business Banking Department in Thailand Kasikorn Bank, Shenzhen Branch. Marketing Director of Tairan 9Th Road Business Department in Guosen.


  • Eric Zhu Ph.D

    General Architect of Technology / Director of IntelliShare Shanghai Team

    Doctor of Computer Science at Fudan University.Expert of Expert Committee of Shanghai Cloud Computing Promotion Center / Expert of Open Source Committee of Shanghai Software Promotion Center / Member of OpenStack China Community Expert Group.


  • Jade Zhang

    Chief Operating Officer

    He is the former director of Alibaba regional market operations, expert in the field of we media in Alibaba. He produced "Internet Brand Gameplay", "Blockchain 4321 Investment Rules", etc., deeply affecting 100,000+ fans.


  • Edgar Lei

    Senior Software Engineer / Director of IntelliShare Silicon Valley Team

    Master of Computer Science at University at Buffalo, New York. Participated in the establishment of the US financial company GMBP Capital to build the Fintech system.Serves as Senior Software Engineer to design and develop cloud data system at


  • John Win

    Investor / Chief Capital Operating Officer

    ​Founder of Sum Tim Investment Management.He has more than 20 years of experience in asset management.In the A+H era, he was the president of a listed company in Hong Kong, and was the director of risk control for capital market operations.


  • Terry Xing Ph.D

    Technical Advisor

    Chief Technology Officer of Umining , EB1A Outstanding Talent. Research direction distributed systems, cloud computing and multiple networks. Rich world top 500 development and research experience.


  • Bina Ramamurthy

    Technical Advisor

    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.  Director of UB’s Blockchain ThinkLab. Has been the Principal Investigator on four National Science Foundation (NSF) grants and a co-investigator in six Instructional Innovative


  • Honghui Wu

    Strategic Advisor

    The Dean of International Smart City Research Institute of China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers. Chief editor of the China's national "13th Five-year Plan" Smart city practice series.


  • Jerry Zhang Ph.D

    Finance Advisor

    Doctor of Engineering at Princeton University. Former fund manager of YES Foundation in New York , responsible for high-tech project investment. Current PinmoCEO consultant, 1% Quantum Fund partner and co-founder of X es Media Studios.


  • Kevin Zhu

    Technical Advisor

    ​Chief product officer of Corfire. Former technical development supervisor of Sprint and JVL, led the Omnyway technical team to launch the Big Data Al Commerce Pipeline platform for payment tools Kohls Pay and IBM Pay.


  • Ronnie Sun

    Markting Planning Consultant

    ​MBA at Alfred P. Sloan School of Management / Master of Data and Information Technology at University of California, Berkeley.Former Senior Consultant of Booz Allen Hamilton.Currently works in the product planning department of Apple's headquarters and


  1. IntelliShare Public chain has been developed and ready for public test.

  2. IntelliShare Mesh Hardware equipment Vidaro Series ready to enter the Market.

  3. Begin and complete the IntelliShare crowdfunding to institutions.

  4. IntelliShare Lab is founded in Silicon Valley.

    IntelliShare Community was established and started to recruit.

  5. IntelliShare Foundation was founded in the United States.

    Dream Universal invested angel capital 1 Million USD.

  6. IntelliShare Mesh+Blockchain research team has established in ShenZhen.

    IntelliShare Token launched.

  7. A Feasibility Study Report on Combining Mesh Network and Blockchain Technology.

  8. Explored the commercial application of Blockchain in Mesh networks.

  9. Released the First Mesh Free Configuration Smart Wireless Ad Hoc Connectors.

  10. The world’s first Mesh Mobile Self-Organization Access Portable Hotspot Router was successfully developed.

  11. The professional IntelliShare Mesh team was established in Shanghai Pudong Software Park.

    Explore the use of optimized protocols for Mesh network devices.


Continuous development of IntelliShare base Blockchain.Complete IntelliShare Community Token Incentive Policies.Develop SSPT - original Mesh protocols based on IntelliShare Mesh technologies. Improve and gradually parallel to the existing Mesh network protocols.Build  APPs, both IOS version and Android version,including social networking features based on IntelliShare Mesh network protocols.R&D on IntelliShare routers and power banks.Spread Mesh network by promoting the application of IntelliShare routers and power banks.With the completion of the base chain,Mesh devices equipped with blockchain start to develop and promote.Complete IntelliShare base Blockchain and open it to public test.


SSPU chips R&D and application.Applications for smart home, smart community and smart city will be launchedFurther expand the establishment of IntelliShare Mesh nodes. Publish open-chain access protocols and superclassification of adapters.Build IntelliShare Mesh ecosystem prototype,complete off-chain payment protocol extension, mobile phone micropayment development,etc.Release of the Open Chain Access Protocols through the IntelliShare Foundation.


Optimize IntelliShare Mesh Network performance, implementation of IntelliShare Mesh communication 2.0 Standard.Optimized  IntelliShare communication underlying sharing protocols.Build few large-scale demonstrated ecosystems of IntelliShare Mesh network.


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