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Please fill in your passport information in English


1、 All the information on the document is clearly recognizable. No modification or occlusion is allowed. The document number and your name must be clearly visible.

2、Supports jpg/jpeg.。

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1、All the information on the certificate is clearly visible, and the ID number, ID photo, etc. is not obstructed or altered.

2、The photos need to be hat-free, no makeup, with the facial features of the person holding the document clearly visible, revealing both hands and arms.

3、Photo content is real and valid, can not be modified in any way.

4、Supports jpg/jpeg/png format, maximum 2M.

Due to international laws and policy, the KYC verification function on the platform is not currently open to People’s Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) and the United States citizens. Verfication applications using mainland Chinese or US documents will be rejected. Please use documents of other countries or regions to get verified.
For help, please contact our official team members