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IntelliShare Co-Hosted a Seminar with MOAC on 19th June


IntelliShare co-hosted a seminar with MOAC for blockchain technology enthusiasts and developers in Shenzhen on 19th June. Hua chen, COO of MOAC and LI Yuqing, development engineer attended the seminar from Qingdao showing their emphasis on it. Participants were limited to technology developers or enthusiasts with relevant technical experience and the participants are also asked to bring a laptop. More than 50 people came to join us.

Li Yuqing, Peking University’s Master of Computer Science and Technology, taught the participants to synchronize nodes and deploy ERC20 contracts. He provides technical blockchain knowledge to everyone.

MOAC can provide a scalable and flexible blockchain platform that supports stateful transactions, data access, and control processes based on hierarchical structures. It provides a development architecture that can use the underlying infrastructure to quickly and easily generate sub-blockchains. In summary, it is to create a layered blockchain architecture based on commercial applications.

IntelliShare uses the Mesh network technology to create exclusive LAN private links for different industries or communities, and then turns different private chains into a public chain. MOAC is just the opposite. MOAC is constantly incubating private chains on the public chain. We believe that IntelliShare and MOAC will have a lot of technical exchanges in our different frameworks. And we look forward to the opportunity for both sides to achieve value consensus and cooperation in the future.

At the seminar, Ray, the founder and CEO of IntelliShare, said: Most blockchain projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are at a low tide now. At this time, as a blockchain company, it is better to focus on the entire industry and select practical and excellent projects for technical exchanges and value communication to solve some practical problems.

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