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IntelliShare Attended the IPFS+MESH Smart City Development Summit Forum

902612198680021625.jpgthe IPFS+MESH Smart City Development Summit Forum

From July 20th to 22nd, 2018, the world’s first IPFS+MESH Smart City Development Summit Forum was held in the World Dream cruise ship. As one of the organizers, IntelliShare has participated in this forum and has stood out from the crowd of high-quality projects in the blockchain field.


Ray, CEO of IntelliShare was giving a speech

At this forum, IntelliShare was one of the main organizers to participate in the establishment of the China Communications Industry Association Mesh Network Professtional Committee and got the award.


Nicholas, CFO of IntelliShare(R-1)


IntelliShare family

On the afternoon of the 21st, IntelliShare held a special lecture, the scene was full house. We prepared the airdrop participants and showed the difference between IntelliShare and other blockchain projects to them: Most of the blockchain project is to talk about Token first and technology later. IntelliShare is the opposite.


the scene of IntelliShare’s special lecture was full house

In the first session of special lecture, Jade Zhang, the COO of IntelliShare said: Every blockchain project is talking about the application, but the real implementation is rare. The reason is that they all set the scene in the future. But IntelliShare is set up now!


Jade, COO of IntelliShare was giving a speech

Ray, the founder and CEO of IntelliShare, said that as a blockchain project, we have been “latent” for a long time. We spent too much time on technology and landing. Today we have our own complete technical system. Although we are constantly researching and improving, our application is still underway, including piloting in the Shawei community and cooperating with Dianzan wireless charging. We now hope that our technology will bring its true value to the society and gain more attention . Let everyone, every intelligently linked device become a super node in the Mesh ecosystem.


The event was a great success. Thank for everyone participating in the event. Please follow us for more information of activities.

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