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IntelliShare Is One of the Sponsors of World Professional Muay Thai Federation(WPMF) This Year

IntelliShare is one of the sponsors of WPMF

The World Professional Muay Thai Federation(WPMF) Championship will be held in Hunan, China on September 9th, 2018. As one of the sponsors of the event, IntelliShare will also provide venue network traffic balance services. CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV will follow up the report at the venue of the event.


IntelliShare Mesh Network will solve the problem of poor network flow when people are crowded, and achieve network balance. IntelliShare has great confidence in this opportunity to represent China’s innovative communications companies on the world stage, and is confident that will be on a bigger stage in the future.


Ray(CEO) is being interviewed by CCTV

IntelliShare’s founder and CEO, Ray was interviewed by CCTV reporters at the WPMF news conference on July 7. Ray expressed that he was very honored to participate in the press conference as part of the event. ‘There is no national border in the world of technology, which is why I brought the IntelliShare team here’ , said Ray. This event is a starting point for IntelliShare stepping towards internationalization.

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