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We Are Honored to Be Listed in the Hurun Blockchain Innovators 2018 Top 50

On June 9th, the Hurun Top Blockchain Company Awards ceremony jointly organized by Hurun Report and Xiha Finance was held in Shenzhen, China. This is the first time for the Hurun Research Institute to publish relevant lists in the blockchain field. We are honored to be listed in the Hurun Blockchain Innovators 2018 Top 50.


IntelliShare, a new-generation Internet protocol layer architecture based on blockchain combined with Mesh network technology and implemented at the data link layer, aims to create a peer-to-peer distributed mobile network that can transmit value, lock in value, and decentralize. As one of the leading companies in the field of blockchain+Mesh network, we has always maintained an international level of standards and technology. The core team consists of Silicon Valley’s technology experts for years of research on the blockchain and the Shanghai Pudong hardware technology team. IntelliShare was ranked among the top 50 in the list, which made us receive lots of attention by the review team's evaluation of financing status, basic qualifications, project status (such as the necessity of the scenario, patents of the enterprise blockchain, the number of software copyrights, the project phase, etc.), core team background, and outreach cooperation.


In the final roundtable meeting, Ray, founder and CEO of IntelliShare, expressed the culture of IntelliShare: Right place, right time and cooperative people. In his view, "right time" represents the support of capital, "right place" represents the company's emphasis on technology, and "cooperative people" represents their construction of community operations. A complete team should include the finances, technology and community.


The award ceremony is not only a recognition of the honors of the award-winning companies, but also an announcement from the booming industry that the era of value trust really arrived!

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