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IntelliShare Monthly Update — July 1st -July 31st

New team members:

· Alibaba's operational mentor, one of the founders of the well-known community BAT community in the Internet circle, Jade Zhang joined IntelliShare as the COO.


· Bina Ramamurthy, Director of the UB blockchain ThinkLab, joined IntelliShare as a Technical Advisor.


New Investors:

· On July 17, IntelliShare announced a strategic partnership with Symbol Digital Asset to officially acquire the investment.


New partnerships:

· On July 19, IntelliShare reached a strategic cooperation with MOAC and officially signed a cooperation agreement. 



· On July 7, IntelliShare attended the World Professional Muay Thai Press Conference, and CEO RAY was interviewed by CCTV reporters. As one of the sponsors, IntelliShare will provide venue network traffic balance services for the World Professional Muay Thai Championship in September. CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV will follow the report at the event.


· On July 8, IntelliShare set up an office branch office in Bangkok, Thailand to connect with the Southeast Asian market.


· IntelliShare and the Rajamangala University of Technology have initially reached a strategic cooperation intention, and will jointly build a blockchain Mesh teaching-management integrated campus structure, and carry out professional technical personnel training and transportation. The two sides have scheduled a second round of consultations in August and will jointly work on the campus pilot work of IntelliShare Mesh equipment.

· On July 10, IntelliShares CEO, Ray and CFO, Nicholas met with the key management personnel of the Shawei Community in Shenzhen,China to explain the application process of IntelliShare Mesh equipment in detail and conduct testing, which was a great success.

· The company that found ETH and EOS major contract vulnerabilities - Knownsec(invested by Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.), after reviewing the source code of IntelliShare, said: The source code is pretty good!

· From July 20 to 22, IntelliShare attended the world's first IPFS+MESH Smart City Development Summit held on the World Dream cruise ship. IntelliShare was one of the main organizers to participate in the establishment of the China Communications Industry Association Mesh Network Professtional Committee and got the award.


· IntelliShare and the Saipan government have reached preliminary cooperation intentions aiming to help the local tourism industry to build a smart tourist island.

· IntelliShare has established a corporate partnership with ThinkLab, a blockchain research lab of the State University of New York at Buffalo(UB).


Community Activities:


· On July 5, Ray met with Mr. Liu Xiangyong, a senior consultant of Huawei. Liu  fully affirmed the development prospects of the future Mesh network and expressed optimistic about the development of IntelliShare Mesh.

· On July 21, The Den, our partner participated a blockchain technology seminar at UCI Gurinder Bhangoo (Head of TheDEN Blockchain Educational Organization and IntelliShare’s technical team in Silicon Valley shared IntelliShare Mesh Network technology and the landing application.


IntelliShare initially issued a total of 10 million INE token airdrops in the community from mid-August to early September. Please follow us to get more Airdrop details and related information.

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